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100 You see a sharp-dressed guy hawking lizard kebabs.
101 It's the lizard-on-a-stick vendor.
102 For a lizard-on-a-stick vendor, this guy's got style. He's clean, well-dressed and runs a pretty spotless little operation.
103 Hungry, stranger? I got the best lizard around. Ask anybody!
104 What can I get you?
105 Gimme meat.
106 I'll take one.
107 What can you tell me about this town?
108 Goodbye.
109 Enjoy, stranger!
110 There's mustard and onions over there.
111 Hey, buddy.
112 Yeah, bye.
113 Next!
114 Look, I got a rule. I don't say nothing about nobody. It's a good rule, because if I keep my mouth shut, I keep out of trouble. Capice?
115 I don't hear nothing, I don't see nothing, and I especially don't say nothing. Now, stop bothering me about that.
116 Fine. Look, I'm hungry.
117 Do you have a GECK?
118 Sorry for troubling, Christ!
119 A GECK? Well, that's old history, so what the hell. You mean the old Garden of Eden Kit. We had one - I mean our grandparents had one. Used it when they came out of Vault 15. Got this place started, they say. It's all used up now.
120 I'm still hungry.

Sentient programs. They can move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system. That means that anyone we haven't unplugged is potentially an agent.

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