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100 You see a well-dressed, heavy set man who moves with deliberate slowness.
101 It's Merk - folks call him The Man around here.
102 This fellow's got an air of arrogant coldness to him, like he cares for you no more than the fly he just squished between his fingers.
103 Hey, I've seen you in the movies! Come to show me some action, have you?
104 Whaddya mean, disturbing my peace like this? Get outta here.
105 Excuse me, I got business to conduct.
106 You wanna talk business, see me at the Rawhide . Otherwise leave me alone.
107 I've seen you on the silver screen, ain't I? You got impressive, uh, credentials.
108 You got that certain look in your eyes. Stop by the Rawhide - I could always use somebody like you.
109 Shit, what's that smell? Something just walked into the room.
110 Go fetch me another whiskey - quick now.
111 Got no time right now.
112 I'm a guest here. Stop bothering me.
113 Hey baby, nice tracts you got. Carlson's taste's improving.
114 I don't do business here.
115 I don't know you. I'm a respectable businessman.
116 Well, if it ain't the wuss. Go on and leave me alone.
117 So, decided to look me up after all, eh baby?
118 I don't know nothing about nothing, understand.
119 The veep's not gonna like you bothering his guests.
120 Damn fine booze the man serves here.
121 Get outta my way!
122 You wanna talk to somebody, go buy yourself a friend.
123 I don't give directions and I don't pass out change. Bug off.
124 What is this - social hour?
125 I'm Merk. Whattya want?
126 You again?
127 Well keep it polite, punk, or this could get ugly.
128 Oort.
129 I'm looking for work.
130 Informed sources say you're the man to see about doing business, if you know what I mean.
131 They say you're the man who ripped off my car.
132 I'm looking for some information.
133 Some say you might know a thing or two about, oh say, stuff missing from cars.
134 You again? So's the job done?
135 Glub.
136 No.
137 I got some questions
138 Hmm... Strong. Dumb...If you want a job, talk to Mira. Understand? Mi-ra. Over there.
139 Like making noises? Will somebody get this brahmin turd out of here?
140 Are you that stupid? You think I'm just gonna hire anybody? You work for me, you got to prove you're good for something.
141 How about I just shoot Lenny, there? He deserves it.
142 Prove like how?
143 You know anybody who'd like some jet, maybe?
144 Listen, I'm
145 Right. Like I got to prove myself to you. Forget you, slugwort.
146 It was that goddamn Doofus, wasn't it? That little junkie talks to much for his own good. Tell you what - you cap him for me -- call it a favor -- and then we'll talk.
147 Deal.
148 Whoa - I'm not that cold-blooded!
149 And they're gonna say you were a dumb ass. Boys-
150 Interesting. Now who'd go saying something like that?
151 Don't bullshit me, fat man. If I don't get back what's mine, somebody'll be shopping for your burial suit.
152 Cute. You gonna answer my question or not?
153 Oh, it's just something I heard. Just wanted to see what you'd say.
154 Supposing I do know something. What of it?
155 Now if a man had some things missing, do you suppose he could buy those things back?
156 I want my shit back, fat man!
157 How about I talk to the law?
158 I'm tired of this. Boys - take care of our guest.
159 I don't think Lenny would like that.
160 Probably, but I wasn't asking him.
161 Have it your way.
162 True. Been too dull around here. Time for a little one-on-one in the basement. Come on, Lenny, I want to watch you kill this
163 Like I've got problems that need solving.
164 Such as?
165 Jet? Are you proposing something...?
166 My friend here knows how to make it. Interested?
167 Something illegal? No, I wouldn't do that.
168 Intriguing. I'll give you $1000 for his services - permanently.
169 Deal.
170 No, I can't do that to a friend.
171 Looks like we can do business, friend. Here's the deal - there's a loopy scientist in town - Dr. Henry. He's got some papers I'd like. I'll pay $1000 for them. Oh, and I don't want no harm to come to Dr Henry. He's useful alive. Interested?
172 I'm on it.
173 Nope, not my style.
174 Knowledge costs you. Am I clear?
175 "The price of wisdom is above rubies."
176 Here's $50.
177 Forget it.
178 Oh, you're that person.
179 Continue
180 Well, as far as I'm concerned, here you're just a pile of dung.
181 I had you figured for a wuss.
182 Okay. No problem. I don't want no trouble. I'll tell you what, I'll even have my boys put the stuff right back where they found it.
183 It better be, or I'll be back.
184 Don't give me this bs!
185 Such a person just might be able to.
186 Now, I suggest you leave.
187 By all means, call in the officers. Of course, I assume you have evidence to back up your wild accusation.
188 Yeah, sure.
189 Never mind.
190 Such as there's a damn Hubologist in town who has irritated me. Once this itch is scratched, come back and talk to me.
191 Consider it done. I got just the backscratcher for him but... what's an Hubologist and where do I find him?
192 How dare you speak against the true belief!
193 Sorry, I don't get involved in religious wars.
194 Well, I am a learned man. What's your question?
195 Ask away.
196 I'm looking for Vault 13.
197 Ever hear of a GECK?
198 What do you know about some outfit called the Rangers?
199 What can you tell me about some guy named Westin?
200 I'm looking for info on Vice-President Carlson.
201 That's it.
202 Your payment gets you one question. Another costs you another $50.
203 Okay, here.
204 I've got all the facts I need.
205 Just so happens, I've got a map to Vault 13. It's only 1000 bucks. You interested?
206 Sure. I'll take it.
207 And I'll bet you've got a bridge to sell, too.
208 Maybe later.
209 Is it some kind of chem out of New Reno? I've never heard of it.
210 Nope. I've got some more questions, though.
211 That's all I needed to know.
212 Those bastards? Best stay out of my place or I'll put a hole in them.
213 Well, that was informative. Another question.
214 That's all I needed to know.
215 The rancher, eh? Came in here one time, about croaked. Town doc had to rush over with some pills - seems Westin's got a heart condition. Ruined business for the rest of the night.
216 Thanks for the info. I've got some more questions.
217 That's all I needed to know.
218 As a good citizen, I applaud Carlson's opposition to any New Reno influence around here. Now that Westin's dead, I've been helping out with security for the Vice President.
219 Oh, well, I guess I'll never get to meet the man. I've heard a lot about him, too.
220 That's all I needed to know.
221 That all?
222 No, I've got some more questions
223 Yeah, that's it for now.
224 Hey, a man's got to try. Vault 13's practically a religion around here. They've even built a statue to some chump who supposedly came from there. That's all I know.
225 I sold you a map for it. Try using it.
226 That map didn't pan out? Sorry. The guy swore it was genuine. How was I to know? I don't know where Vault 13 is.
227 I've got some more questions.
228 That's all I need to know.
229 Tell you what. I like your work and Carlson could use another guard. Give a little time and there'll be a job waiting for you down there.
230 I'm on it, Merk.
231 I don't need a job. Thanks anyway.
232 Excellent. Come back when you're done.
233 That is very troubling. Boys, kill him and recover this evidvence.
234 Your feeble attempts to intimidate me are almost amusing, but now I suggest you leave before I tire of this game.
235 Ah, I've heard the news. You still interested in a job?
236 Yeah, I'm tired of freebies. I could use the work.
237 No.
238 What the hell you doing in my place?
239 I was out of line before. I won't do it again. I just want a little of your time.
240 I'll do what I want, you weasel.
241 Get out of here, you warthog!
242 Then what're you doing here you dumb shit? You wanna impress me, then get things done!
243 I'm not talking to you until the job's done!
244 That disappoints me. I normally remove things that disappoint me. However, in your case I can be generous. Just leave and don't come back and I'll forget all about it.
245 So, is that little business with Dr. Henry done?
246 Yeah, I got the papers you want.
247 No.
248 Days like this make me so happy. Well, let's conclude our business.
249 It has come to my attention that the ingenious doctor expired during your visit. That was against my orders. To recoup future losses I think it will be necessary to receive a refund.
250 Look, I'll just give you 500 bucks and we'll forget the whole deal.
251 Screw you.
252 Well, success in your ventures. I see no reason for us to talk again.
253 Fine by me.
254 Deal - but only because I like you. I suggest you don't come back any time soon.
255 I think I'll just kill you, get my money back, and collect a reward. After all, that's what being a good citizen is all about.
256 You again! DIE!
257 I thought I said don't bother me anymore.
258 and I'm a badass mofo. Just ask anybody.
259 guy.
260 chick.
261 A Hubologist is a nut-case religious fanatic. It can be found at the church in town.
262 I'm on my way.
263 I'm not talking to you until the job's done! I need those papers from Dr. Henry's place, pronto.
264 No, but I need some information.
265 I know Lenny's death ain't no accident, you bastard.
266 Hey that map was a fake.
267 Well what about the money I gave you.
268 Like I said sorry it didn't pan out for you.
269 Well how bout you eat this bullet for my trouble.
270 Hmmphf.
271 You gain

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