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100 A mutant - and a tame one at that.
101 That's Lenny, remember? The obnoxious one.
102 Hoo-boy - this lad's a piece of work. Besides the fact he's green and ugly, he's got more scars on him than an old whore. This one's a fighter, for sure.
103 I'm Lenny and you're pond scum. Get outta here.
104 Why you bothering Lenny, you little white grub?
105 What you want with Lenny, worthless human?
106 Keep poking me and you can tell your maker Lenny sent you.
107 Pleased to meet ya. I'm Lenny - you must be Shit-for-brains. Ha, ha!
108 Tell yer mutant master my name's Lenny, slave.
109 Hey, brother mutie, Lenny wonder why you hanging with this human slug?
110 Lenny don't talk to nobody. Makes muties his slaves, grub.
111 Lenny says you and your butt-kissing mutie Tom can go to hell.
112 Watch out. Lenny ain't no tame mutie like the one you got now.
113 Hey, the little pale skin's back!
114 Get off my case, human.
115 Get lost, chump.
116 What's the matter? Need somebody to change yer diaper?

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