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100 You see a young man wearing the badge of the NCR police
101 It's Karl, the town deputy.
102 You see a young man barely out of his teens. He looks eager to please.
103 Welcome, stranger. I'm Deputy Karl. What can I do for you?
104 Such as?
105 Uh...nugh..
106 I'm new to NCR. What can you tell me about your town?
107 Well, I'm looking for Vault 13.
108 President Tandi sent me over to talk to some prisoner you've got.
109 My name's
110 I'm looking for a guy named Jack. Some folks call him Whack Jack.
111 Where can I find Roger Westin?
112 Okay, had a little too much party did you? Look, there's an unlocked cell back there. Why don't you go in back and sleep it off?
113 Look, take my advice - get your friends to take you home so you can sleep it off. Drunk in public's a crime here.
114 This is NCR, capitol of the New California Republic. Population 3000 and growing. No slavery, no gambling, no chems. President is Mrs. Tandi, my boss is Sheriff Dumont. That answer your questions?
115 Well, I've got some other questions.
116 Yeah, that's all.
117 So did I when I was a kid. Let me know if you find it!
118 Well, I've got some other questions.
119 Gee, thanks.
120 His name's Oswald. That's all we could get out of him. He's supposed to be a squatter, from vault 15, but... I doubt it. He's a bit too tough. You know what I mean?
121 Tough guy, huh?
122 What're you going to do to him?
123 Say, I've heard of you haven't I? Yeah - some pretty good stuff. Look, there's some folks I know, they could use a fellow like you. Just go to the auto shop and ask for Elise. Tell her Karl sends his regards.
124 Work? The Stockmen's Association is looking for guards. Raiders been hitting the cattle drives hard again. And I heard that President Tandi's been looking for somebody "resourceful," as she puts it. That help?
125 Well, I've got some other questions.
126 Some. Thanks.
127 That's Officer Jack, stranger. One of our men. You haven't been talking to Mira, have you?
128 Yes.
129 Mira who?
130 That SOB? He's got a spread just outside town. Just take the road past Stockmen's.
131 You don't like him much.
132 Well, I've got some other questions.
133 Thanks.
134 Yeah. He's a real bad one. Killed two of our men and hasn't said a thing.
135 Give me a little time alone with him. Maybe I can convince him to be cooperative.
136 Can I see him now?
137 Hang the bastard, I hope. Him and his buddies killed two good men. Won't be any pain for me to see him dead.
138 Can I see him now?
139 She and Jack used to be married, you know. Had themselves a really messy divorce. I wouldn't believe spit from her, not about Jack. Do yourself a favor, stay out of it. Jack's a good man, it's just this stuff's got him a little high-strung.
140 Okay, let's move on to other topics.
141 Well, thank you kindly for that advice, deputy.
142 His ex, that's all. If he's not here, he might be over at the powerplant. He's been moonlighting over there for Dorothy.
143 Well, I've got some other questions.
144 Thanks.
145 Guess I'm pretty obvious. Lot of folks look up to him because he's a councilman, but not me. He thinks he's a big man, like the law don't always apply to him. I'd like to take him down a notch or two someday.
146 Stranger things have happened. What can you tell me about him?
147 I've got to go. Just outside of town, you say?
148 No problem. Next five minutes, maybe I won't hear a thing. Follow me.
149 Sure, for what good it will do you.
150 Well, a couple of years ago he had a stroke and now Doc Jubilee's got him on some kind of medicine. What's it to you, anyway?
151 Nothing, just talk. I'll quit wasting your time.

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