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100 You see a big, dumb-looking and over-muscled lunk.
101 It's Hoss
102 He doesn't appear to be armed, with weapons or wit.
103 Hey you, turd-face. I don't like you. I think you should buy me a drink.
104 Hey baby, come on over here and I'll give you a nice big wet one.
106 Bite me.
107 I don't want any trouble.
108 So you think you're tough? I'm gonna wipe your ass all over the floor. Bare fists, right here, right now.
109 "I don't want any trouble!" Well, you're gonna have it. You either fight me or I'm gonna tell everybody what a spineless little baby you are. Bare fists, right here.
110 Fine, let's dance.
111 No really, I couldn't.
112 Haw! What a joke. Get outta here, jellyfish.
113 Ow! You broke my nose! I quit! Don't hit me anymore!
114 Okay, I'm sorry. I was only joking. You won't have any more trouble from me...please, don't kill me!
115 Hey, I'm backing off. Okay, don't hit me?

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