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100 You see a pudgy guy with a shiny bald head and thick-lensed glasses.
101 It's Dr. Henry
102 This guy is so out of place it's painful. He's got that egghead, not living in the real world air about him, that's for sure.
103 Excuse me, I'm Dr. Henry and I'm very busy. What do you want?
104 You again? What do you want?
105 Hurgh.
106 I'm
107 Enough chit-chat. You've got some papers Mr. Merk wants. Hand em over and nobody gets hurt.
108 Ever heard of a place called the Enclave?
109 None of your business.
110 Hmm, sub-par cranial development... Stunted intellectual development. No gross physical mutation, though. No, you just simply won't do, I'm afraid. Good day.
111 The Chosen One? Of course, that makes sense. Interesting... I'm afraid I can't help you. I was assigned to cyber-genetics research, not the Vault Behavioral Project.
112 What are you talking about?
113 Vault Behavioral project?
114 Cyber-genetics? I don't remember ever studying that one.
115 Right. You're mad as a hatter. Goodbye.
116 Oh my, I've said more than I should already. Never mind, and if anybody asks I didn't say anything.
117 Something about extreme sociological conditioning. Mind you, I thought it was all so much mumbo-jumbo, no real science in it at all. But I did hear something about 13 having to be improvised during the course of the experiment. Sloppy work, I'd say.
118 Experiment? What experiment?
119 What's this about cyber-genetics?
120 You expect me to believe any of this? You are a loon.
121 Oh, it's a whole new field - very exciting. Why I'm working on some projects right now - a radical new concept for the mutant problem. You see, it's really quite simple - mutancy isn't absolute. It can be cured.
122 Of course, my simple-minded colleagues were just trying to solve the whole problem the crudest way possible. Purification, indeed. I'll admit there were some early problems, but I've got them worked out now...I think.
124 Continue
125 In fact, you could help me perform the field testing. Interested?
126 Field testing? What do you mean?
127 Not a chance.
128 I've prepared a small sample of the serum but it needs to be injected into a host.
129 I'm not letting you stick any needles in me!
130 That's it, I'm out of here.
131 You? Oh, no - the serum's not refined enough to handle such a low mutagenic quotient. It must be used on a super-mutant. Inject the serum into a super-mutant and then come back and report the results. I understand Broken Hills is full of them.
132 What's it do?
133 What's in it for me?
134 Well, it should cause a regression in the genetic matrix that results in the destabilization and assimilation of abberant DNA, leaving the host free of mutagenic potential. If I knew for sure, I wouldn't need you to test it.
135 What's in it for me?
136 You'll be participating in an important experiment, in fact, the most important, scientific-oh, you mean money. Well, I do have a Cyber-Hound Mk. II, Personal Security Model, that I brought with me. I suppose I could have it activated and on-line by the time you got back. Would that do?
137 Cyber-hound? Sure, why not.
138 You are out of your mind. Just completely loony.
139 Excellent. Here's the serum, fitted up in an stim hypo. All you have to do is use it on a super-mutant and then report back to me. Like I said, Broken Hills - that's the place to look. Good luck.
140 Tell your Mr. Merk that my answer hasn't changed. I have no interest in any of his "joint ventures." Thank you and good day.
141 It's no use, I'm not going back. None of you appreciated the work I was doing, so don't pretend to be my friend. Thank you very much!
142 Well then, we've nothing to talk about. Good day.
143 So, how did it go? Is the test done?
144 Yes.
145 No.
146 Well, if you don't mind, would you please get on with it? I'm not a young man anymore.
147 And... How did it work?
148 It killed him! You said it would cure mutants!
149 He's dead, Jim.
150 You misunderstood. I said it would remove their mutagenic potential. The process does seem violent on the system, though. Oh well, more refining to do.
151 What about my pay?
152 You're a monster! I want nothing to do with you.
153 Still some bugs, I see. Well, try and try again.
154 What about my pay?
155 You're a monster! I want nothing to do with you.
156 Of course. The cyberdog is all yours. Now, I have work to do.
157 ...so the mutation rate stablizes over-don't bother me now.
158 Primitive adaptation to environmental conditions. Fascinating.
159 You don't have an oscillating calibrator? No, of course not.
160 , the Chosen One. I'm looking for Vault 13.
161 Good day, my ass, bucko, I'm here to be polite. You hand over those papers or I'll start removing fingers. Let's see how good of a doc you are then.
162 Fine, I'll let him know.
163 Uh... Ok, the papers are in my desk over there. Take them; just don't hurt my hands. Ok?
164 Kiss my ass, you cretin! Guards! Guards!
165 Now you're being reasonable. I'll let Mr. Merk know.
166 You'll regret that, Doc.
167 Hey! You have exactly ten seconds to put those papers back before I call the guards.

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