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100 He's a muscular guy, with a barrel chest.
101 It's Hal, the captain for the brahmin drive.
102 He's chewing a wad of something you hope he don't spit this way, because it stinks to high heaven.
103 You here for the drive?
105 Yes.
106 No.
107 Need some redding floats!!!
108 Yuep need those redding floats!!
109 Wonder what Redding floats go here.
110 Great. Let's roll out. Head 'em out for Redding boys!
111 Well then, leave me alone. I got 500 head of brahmin to get on the trail.
112 You again? Go away.
113 Well, that was the crapper! Afraid there's no money in this run for any of us. Just be happy you're alive.
114 Well, the ranchers are none too happy - it's only a $1000 run. Tough luck.
115 Well we had little string of bad luck but did all right. Here's the $2000 you signed on for.
116 Hot damn, you were just fine! There's a $1000 bonus in it for you. That and $2000 makes your pay. Redding better watch out tonight!

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