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100 You see a slender young man wearing glasses.
101 It's Gunther, aide to President Tandi. At least that's what the sign on the door said.
102 He looks officious and busy, the type born to be a bureaucrat that other folks hate.
103 Can I help you?
104 You again?
105 Uhhhh - work. Work Tandi.
106 Who are you?
107 I'm here to see President Tandi about a job.
108 Sorry, wrong office.
109 You want job?
110 Let's try this again. You help Tandi? Do job for Tandi?
111 Yesyesyesyes!
112 Tandi job. Me want.
113 What you do?
114 Uhhhh...me kill, me kill big!
115 Uhhhh...me smart. Elder say I got brain-of-child. I got 2 brain. Me smart.
116 You can't take the president's job!
117 No?
118 Oh. Okay.
119 Right. I'm not sure that's what she's looking for. Oh well, she said send them all in. You go. Talk Tandi now.
120 NO! You are dumb. President must be smart, talk in two-syllable words! You no president.
121 Oh. What me do?
122 Me no like you. You yell. Bad man.
123 My name is Gunther, personal assistant to President Tandi. Now, what can I do for you?
124 I'm searching for Vault 13.
125 I'm looking for the GECK.
126 I understand the president has a job to be done.
127 Madam President no longer grants interviews regarding Vault 13. I'm sorry. She's too busy to see every prospector who comes through.
128 Huh? I don't get it.
129 What about a GECK. She might know something about that?
130 There was some talk about a job.
131 You're useless. I'm going.
132 Then I suggest you read the plaque on the statue outside. Now, good day.
133 I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you have real question?
134 I'm searching for Vault 13.
135 I understand the president has a job to be done.
136 Never mind.
137 Ah yes. Well, she's instructed me to send in anyone asking about it. You're buzzed in. It's the door to my right.
138 Madam President is finished with you? How did things go?
139 Good. Me bye-bye.
140 Just fine. Now, I'm out of here.
141 Here to report the outcome of Vault 15?
142 Yes.
143 No.
144 Well, I'm sorry, but Madam President is very busy. Why don't you come back when the job is done?
145 Okay.
146 Excellent! I'll buzz you right in.
147 You bastard! Guards! Assassin! Murderer!
148 Back so soon! Now what?
149 Re-ward.
150 The president said to see you about a reward.
151 Mon-ey.
152 I'm here to collect my pay.
153 Your president said you should know there's a spy in your house - somebody named Feargus.
154 Nothing.
155 Of course, she just buzzed me about it. A reward of $6000 and NCR thanks you, she said. Now, there is work to be done. Goodbye.
156 Let's see. Contract says $500. Here you are.
157 In fact, she just buzzed me to change your amount - seems you earned a bonus. Here it is, $900 and NCR's thanks. Now, there is work to be done, so goodbye.
158 Your president said you should know there's a spy in your house - somebody named Feargus.
159 Goodbye.
160 Feargus? I don't believe it!
161 Take a look at this disk.
162 Whatever. I'm out of here.
163 Damn. Looks solid. Look, we'll take care of this. Here's $4000 for the info.
164 I don't take blood money. I'm out of here.
165 Thanks. Have a nice day.
166 Oh, it's you. Look, this is not a good time. In fact, I think Madam President would rather not get you involved in anything else. Thank you and good day.
167 Let me make myself clear. The President is not going to see you - now or ever. You've been paid. Now just leave.
171 Me go.
172 Absolutely nothing.
173 You bitch! Guards! Assassin. Murderer!
174 I've been to Vault 15 and I need to talk to your boss about it.
175 Me need talk about Vault 15.
176 You should know there's a spy in your house - somebody named F.
500 We keep the doors locked for a reason.
501 I must ask you to leave.
502 This is your last warning. Leave before I have you removed.

They warned her, don't go there There's creatures who are Hiding in the dark Then something came creeping It told her

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