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100 Looks like an official, since he's wearing a uniform with an NCR badge on it.
101 It's just a town guard.
102 Let's see - tough guy, has a gun, has a badge, has armor - hmm, might be a guard.
103 Welcome the NCR. Just to let you know, if you got weapons, keep 'em holstered. This ain't a gun-toting town, stranger.
104 Welcome to NCR, capital of the New California Republic, President Tandi ruling.
105 Greetings, stranger. Come to do business with NCR, have you?
106 NCR welcomes you - provided you don't make trouble.
107 Hey you, put your weapons away. NCR don't welcome that kind of trouble.
108 Stranger, NCR's got laws and one of them's "No weapons." Put it away and there'll be no trouble.
109 Read the sign on the way in? "No weapons," and we mean it. Understand?
110 You drifters are all alike. This is a peaceful town - that means we don't need you toting hardware. Put your weapons away and there'll be no trouble.
111 Gate's closed for the night. If you got pressing business, take it to the guardhouse.
112 You gotta talk to the guard captain if you want through the gate.
113 Kinda late for coming to town. Go see the captain; maybe she'll let you in.
114 I'd turn and walk away real fast if I were you.
115 You and your kind ain't welcome in NCR.
116 Come any closer and you'll regret it.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was DEATH, and Hell followed with him.

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