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100 You see a woman in the armored uniform of the NCR.
101 It's the captain of the guard.
102 She may be a woman, but that shotgun on her hip says she ain't no pushover.
103 You'll have to excuse me, I'm a busy woman. No time for chitchat.
104 Just keep your nose clean and we'll get along just fine, stranger.
105 You got questions? Look up Sheriff Dumont. He'll fill you in.
106 Laws are on the bulletin board outside - no weapons, no drunks, no trouble.
107 What can I do for you, stranger?
108 You again?
109 Me go in.
110 I'd like to get into NCR.
111 Nothing.
112 You aren't going anywhere until you stow those weapons.
113 Everybody's got to put their weapons away.
114 Hmm...well, you look respectable enough. What's your name? I've got to put it in the log book.
116 Alright then, I'll have the gate open for you in just a second.

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