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100 You see a plain-looking young man in respectable clothing.
101 It's the building receptionist.
102 There's nothing partiuclarly exceptional about the guy. He looks like the epitome of a budding bureaucrat.
103 Welcome to Congress House. How can I help you?
104 Back again, I see. How can I help you this time?
105 Now, what can I do for you?
106 Uhhh...
107 Me see Tandi?
108 Me see Tandi?
109 I'm here to see President Tandi.
110 Can you help me find Vault 13?
111 Not unless you've got a GECK.
112 I've got some important news for your boss.
113 I'm here to see President Tandi.
114 I'm here to see President Tandi.
115 I'm looking for a job.
116 What is this place?
117 You can't.
118 Me go away.
119 Sorry, no public bathrooms here. Why don't you move along?
120 Concerning?
121 Hmmm... Why do you want see Madam President?
122 Man say Tandi hire me.
123 Little town in desert want make friends with Tandi.
124 I heard your president's got a job to be done.
125 The folks at Vault 15 want to make a deal.
127 Such as?
128 Someone's been selling her out.
129 It's none of your business.
130 That's nice. This isn't a hiring hall. Why don't you try downtown?
131 This is the Congress House, law-making body for NCR.
132 (Continue)
133 13? Or did you mean 15?
134 I said 13.
135 15?
136 No.
137 (Continue)
138 Oh, that. Talk to Mr. Gunther, in back.
139 Vault 15? They want to make a deal? Interesting. In the back - talk to Gunther.
140 You can tell her yourself. Just go and talk to Gunther.
141 That doesn't sound good. Now excuse me, I have work to do.
142 I have to tell her something.
143 Fine. Tell her there's a spy in her office.
144 You just tell her I want to see her. Understand?
145 Well then, I can't help you with that.
146 (Continue)
147 Oh, nothing. My mistake. You said 13, right? Well, I don't know anything about that.
148 (Continue)
149 Me fix problem. Kill bad guy. Want money.
150 Tell her I solved her squatter problem.
151 Darion's dead? Oh, excuse me. Go right on in.
152 You did? Well...I'm sure that's wonderful news. Did you learn anything else?
153 No
154 Yeah, there's something else -- something about a spy.
155 What a rel-I mean, I'm glad it's all over. Go right on in.
500 Excuse me, but you cannot enter there without permission.
501 I have to ask you to stop tampering with that.
502 This is your last warning - leave or be dealt with.

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