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100 You see a striking woman in a long robe.
101 It's the Enlightened One.
102 Her fixed stare and expression of mindless bliss would be disturbing were she not so tranquil.
103 Greetings, child. Are you one of the Enlightened?
105 Sure, why not?
106 Well, I am the Chosen One.
107 Uh, I really don't know what you're talking about.
108 So you're the itch Merk wants scratched!
109 Yes.
110 No.
111 I just want to be alone.
112 Hello? Anybody there?
113 Guh.
114 No-body here.
115 Oh dear, a Level One. Still trapped in primitive state. Perhaps a zeta-scan alignment would help. Would you like that?
116 Zay-ta!
117 No!
118 Please don't mock the Church of Hubology. It's oppressives like you who make things hard for the rest of us. Oh, dear. I'm all turbulent!
119 Chosen One? Don't you mean AHS-One? Just what text are you working from?
120 It's simple. I am the Chosen One because that is what must be.
121 AHS one?
122 That's what my Elder says I am.
123 What are you talking about?
124 Can we just get to the part where you sprinkle holy water on me or something?
125 Oh. Well, are you seeking true understanding and spiritual peace? We can help.
126 No, I'm looking for a GECK.
127 Help? How?
128 A rocket launcher gives me all the spiritual peace I need, lady.
129 "True understand" this! (rude hand gesture with the middle finger)
130 Merk? What's he want?
131 Simple. He wants you dead. Say bye-bye.
132 I don't know what you did, but he's put a contract out on you.
133 Wonderful, brother. So what level are you?
134 I asked you first.
135 What level are you?
136 Oh. I assumed you could see my aura. I'm sorry.
137 Oh. I assumed you could see my aura. I'm sorry.
139 Why, I'm at Transcendency, of course.
140 Uhhh...isn't it really impolite to go talking about levels?
141 Honestly! I don't know what they expect me to accomplish surrounded by such rim meat!
142 Ah, such enthusiasm. Come with me.
143 "Lost are those who will not seek the Hub." If you should ever change your mind, you are always welcome.
144 Do not shout! Now I've got a neurodyne to align!
145 Predestination? What about free will? By your belief, nothing you do has any meaning since it's all determined in advance. It's like you're just a pawn in a game.
146 You misunderstand. Only my potential as the Chosen One is pre-determined. My choices and my actions determine the fulfillment of that potential.
147 Of course the universe is deterministic! After all, we've been put here for some purpose that's already known to our creator.
148 Nonsense. There is no organizing force determining our fates. In fact there's no 'higher power' behind anything. The universe is just chance. I am the Chosen One because others have declared it. That's all.
149 Aligned Hub Seeker. You are obviously not Enlightened.
150 A primitive belief - but you show signs of great promise. We can show you the higher path. Would you like to know more?
151 Yes.
152 No.
153 I can't help you with that. However, our scientists in San Francisco might know something. Perhaps you should travel there.
154 By purging you of the negative psychic energy that keeps you in an oppressive state. Only then can you be Enlightened!
155 Neurodynes are the psychic centers of the body. They become polluted by the spiritual remnants of the people who died in the War. Their psi-energies imprint into our neurodynes at birth and hold us in an oppressive state. Alignment erases these imprints.
156 As long as your brain chemistry is affected by negative psychic energy, your true spiritual potential is oppressed. Worse still, oppressives can transmit this energy unless they are very, very strong-willed.
157 Enlightenment happens when all your neurodynes are aligned. Then you become an AHS, Aligned Hub Seeker, which is the goal of all Hubonites.
158 Neurodynes?
159 Enlightened?
160 Oppressive state?
161 So how's this purging work? Is it painful?
162 It's not painful. You just undergo a zeta-scan. I can do one now, if you like.
163 Sure.
164 No way!
165 The Church of Hubology exists to free mankind from the chains that have kept his full spiritual potential in shackles.
166 How do you do that?
167 Oh yeah, like "Let my psyche go," right?
168 That is not an ability that I possess. Is there something else that I can help you with? An alignment perhaps?
169 I'll take the alignment.
170 I need some information. Vault 13 - what do you know about it?
171 How have things been going?
172 Forget about it. No hard feelings. That's all.
174 Yes!
176 Transcendency? Honestly, how do they expect me to spread the word out here when they don't even keep me up-to-date on the latest doctrine!?
177 (Continue)
178 Were you asleep during indoctrination? Hmmph - you are not one of the Enlightened!
179 So you're saying there's some higher power who creates us with a purpose and then just abandons us? I can't believe any being would be so callous. Come, embrace the Church of Hubology. Let us show you the true way.
180 What true way?
181 No thanks.
182 Without control of your own life, though, what's the point? Nothing you do has any value. Did you choose to get up this morning? No, you're just a puppet by your own philosophy. Now, we at the church of Hubology have a true answer.
183 Which is?
184 Sure you do.
185 Oh, what a sad and empty philosophy that is! Even if it were true, the only course for you is to seek to develop yourself. It is the only thing you have any control over. The Church of Hubology can help.
186 How?
187 Oh, get out of my face.
188 Vault 13? Our scientists have been searching for it somewhere to the west. That is all I know. Are you sure you don't want an alignment?
189 Sure, why not.
190 No thanks. I'm fine.
191 I tell you, spreading the word of Hubology out here is harder than you can imagine! AHS-9 just doesn't understand the difficulty. In fact, I've written it all down. Say, would you be willing to deliver it to AHS-9 in San Francisco? I can't promise any reward, but I know AHS-9 will appreciate it.
192 Sure, why not?
193 No thanks. I don't get involved.
194 Excellent. Here is the letter. Now, can I do anything else for you? A zeta-scan?
195 A scan? Why not.
196 You've already done enough. Bye.
197 Then I've spoken too much already. Goodbye
198 Greetings again. How can the Church of Hubology help you?
200 So you're the itch Merk wants scratched!
201 Uh, I really don't know what you're talking about.
202 What does the church do?
203 Oops. Wrong door.
204 Killing me will serve no purpose. I'm not a threat to Merk, I simply irritate him because of my beliefs. I hope you'll refuse to honor the contract.
205 Yeah, you seem harmless.
206 Forget it. You're one dead Hubologist.
207 I don't have time for idiots. Please go away.
208 Out, apostate!
209 There is nothing you can say to gain favor in the Church of Hubology, blasphemer.
210 Close your eyes. This won't hurt a bit.
211 There. We erased a few nasty imprints! You are now an AHS-1. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to tend my church.
212 Greetings, fellow seeker. There is nothing more I can do for you. You must continue your journey as an AHS-1 on your own.
213 The church is closed. Come back tomorrow.
214 I would love to help you, but even an AHS-4 must sleep. Come back in daylight.
215 Intruder! Do you plan to desecrate this place? Out!
216 Wonderful, sister. So what level are you?
218 You gain

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