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100 You see a pretty young woman dressed in combat clothes.
101 It's Elise.
102 She's got a no-nonsense air about her, like she's used to giving orders and having folks obey them.
103 What do you want?
104 You again?
105 Karl sent me.
106 Doc Jubilee said I should talk to you.
107 Who are you?
108 Guh?
109 I'm looking for an outfit. One that hates slavery. Calls itself the New California Rangers.
110 Can you fix my car?
111 Uh - I thought this place was deserted.
112 Did he now? What did he tell you?
113 Not much. That you were good folks and I might want to hook up with you.
114 Said you'd paid good money.
115 I'm Elise. That's Gond. We're members of a 'group' that's trying to do right for folks.
116 You don't look like a charity or a church.
117 Sounds interesting. Right in what way?
118 I just want to get my car fixed.
119 Just get yourself out of here. Saloon's back on main street.
120 Hates slavery, huh. Interesting. What would you do if you found this outfit?
121 I'd ask to join them.
122 I'd kick their butts.
123 Nothing.
124 None of your business. Now get out.
125 We've gotten out of the car business. Closed permanently. Goodbye.
126 It's not. Goodbye.
127 All right, so tell me. What's your opinion of slavers?
128 Hate 'em. Disgusting, vile scum of the earth.
129 If they leave me alone, I leave them alone.
130 Some of my best friends are slavers.
131 Money all you care about?
132 Of course not. I believe in truth, justice and fighting for the oppressed,
133 It's a start - until somebody names a better cause to fight for.
134 What else is there?
135 Don't bullshit me. I can see what kind of person you are. Goodbye.
136 If you don't know, then I'm wasting my time. Goodbye.
137 No, we are not a religious organization. Mind if I ask you a question?
138 No, go ahead.
139 Not so fast. You've got to pass a test to join the Rangers.
140 Fine. Just tell me.
141 Test? What is this - school?
142 There's a slaver just outside town. Maybe you've seen his place. Free the slaves there and then come back and talk to us.
143 I can do that.
144 No way. I'm don't want to make any trouble here.
145 Well, it's your lucky day.
146 That's the kind of attitude that allows the atrocity of slavery to exist in the first place. I'm sorry, but there is no place for you in our organization.
147 Ok.
148 So, changed your mind? Ready to prove your worth?
149 Sure.
150 What was it you wanted done?
151 Shouldn't you be doing something? Don't come back here until the job's done.
152 I've heard the news already. You freed the slaves. Good work! So, you ready to become a Ranger?
153 Yes.
154 No.
155 I hear you're the one who freed all the slaves outside the city gates. That was a fine thing you did and I just want to shake your hand.
156 Thanks.
157 Simple. We believe slavery is wrong and we'll do what we must to fight it. In NCR, we got a lot of friends in high places. Thanks to them we've already banned slavery down south, but now we're hoping to spread the word north.
158 The Rangers sound like a group I'd be proud to join. Sign me up.
159 Interesting... I'll have to think about what you've said.
160 Do you swear to fight slavery whenever the opportunity arises and to help your fellow Rangers whenever they're in need?
161 Yes.
162 No,
163 Congratulations, you're now a Ranger.
164 Well-met, fellow Ranger. Afraid there's not much for you to do around here at this time. Most our people are already out on patrol. I'll spread the word that you're one of us now. I wouldn't want you getting shot by one of us.
165 Well, we're always looking for good people to further our cause. If you change your mind, look me up. Are you sure you won't take the opportunity to join now?
166 I'm sure.
167 Well, now that you mention it, I think I would like to be a Ranger.
168 I see. Well, I represent a group called the New California Rangers. Someone with views such as yours could qualify for membership. You interested?
169 Great! Sign me up.
170 Sounds interesting. What can you tell me about the Rangers?
171 I see. Well thanks for stopping by but I can't see that we have anything more to say to each other. If you change your mind, come back and see me.
172 Ok.
173 That being the case, I have to ask you to get out of my sight. Now!
174 Ok.
175 A slaver! Get out of here before I remove that tattoo of yours with a bullet!
176 Sure.
177 Try it!
178 We've got agents and sympathizers in some of the towns up north. We're spreading the word and hitting slavers wherever we can.
179 Hello again. Have you changed your mind about joining us?
180 Never mind.
181 That doesn't belong to you. Now leave or I will get violent., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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