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100 You see a dumpy-looking bald guy, polishing a glass.
101 It's the bartender.
102 He's a gruff-looking guy with a crooked nose and pinched up ears like he might have been a boxer years ago.
103 What can I get you?
104 Say, you're the one who got Jack to give up, ain't you? That was good work. So what do you want?
105 Sure.
106 Drink.
107 Who's the big guy over there?
108 What's to do in this town?
109 Goodbye.
110 That's Hoss, President Tandi's boy. Born trouble when he's drinking, so I'd stay clear of him if I were you.
111 That was Hoss, President's Tandi's son. Boy, you sure whupped his ass good!
112 President Tandi?
113 Tough guy, eh? Thanks.
114 Not much. If you're looking for trouble, go drink someplace else, like the Rawhide. If you're looking for work, there's the Westin place west of town. Heard some things about President Tandi looking for a specialist, too.
115 Specialist?
116 President Tandi?
117 Thanks.
118 Daughter of President Aradesh, the guy who founded NCR. She's been president for years. Does a good job too.
119 And she's looking for a specialist? What kind?
120 Who's the big guy?
121 Thanks.
122 Don't know. Gunther, her aide, probably does. He's down at the Hall of Congress.
123 Who's the big guy?
124 Thanks
125 Would you like a drink?
126 Sure.
127 No.
128 Let me buy you a drink! I've been wanting to smack him around for years!
129 I've got some questions.

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