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100 You see an old, kindly looking fellow.
101 It's Doc Jubilee.
102 He's an old man with a snow-white beard and a slightly blank stare.
103 I'm Doc Jubilee. What's wrong, young man?
104 What's wrong, young man?
105 Me hurt.
106 I need a doctor.
107 Can't you just take some pills or something and stop bothering me with this twaddle?
108 Hell, you're hardly bleeding.
109 I don't know. Don't think I can save it. We may have to cut that leg off.
110 You're kidding.
111 Ha-ha.
112 There you are, sonny.
113 Again.
114 Thanks, Doc. Maybe you can help me out with some answers.
115 Goodbye.
116 It'll cost you $50.
117 Just heal me.
118 I'm not staying here.
119 You make better.
120 Me go now.
121 Nope. Never joke. Best I cut that leg off before gangrene sets in.
122 No way you're cuting anything off, understand?
123 That's it, I'm leaving.
124 Well, if it festers, don't blame me.
125 I don't run a charity hospital. You'll need to get some cash before I do anything.
126 So what can I do for you?
127 Shoot.
128 Vault 13?
129 Know where I could find Vault 13?
130 I heard somebody saying Mr. Westin's not well. That true? I'm worried something might happen to him. He owes me some money.
131 There's this Saltbeef fellow says you stole a map from him. What's the deal?
132 I'm looking for a job. Know of any?
133 Doc, you wouldn't know anything about a group that's fighting those evil slavers, would you?
134 Well you shouldn't worry, son. As long as he doesn't tax his system, he'll probably outlast us all. 'Course that's if he'd ever mind my doctoring or his medicine.
135 Well, that's good to know. There's something else I was wondering.
136 Thanks, doc.
137 That old drunk! The only thing I ever got from him was my "Velvet Elvii" painting - in lieu of cash.
138 A Velvet Elvii? Could I see it?
139 Not exactly a map, eh? Well, let me pick your brains on some other things.
140 Well, I've got to get on.
141 I ain't heard that mentioned since old Saltbeef was brought in here. Sunstroke. Burned with fever for three days, all the time ranting how he'd found Vault 13, his mother lode.
142 Mother Lode?
143 So where is it?
144 Where vault?
145 Couldn't tell you. Saltbeef always claimed he had a map, but nobody's ever seen it.
146 Saltbeef?
147 Ask more.
148 Well, that's more than what I had before.
149 The big one. Saltbeef's an old uranium prospector - more accurately, a drunk. Lives out on the Westin spread these days.
150 Another question...
151 Thanks for the story.
152 Well, I was really hoping to get some money for it. I'll let it go for $
153 Maybe later, another question...
154 Maybe later, I have to go.
155 Saltbeef's an old uranium prospector. Lives out on the Westin spread these days.
156 Another question...
157 Thanks for the story.
158 You best go talk to President Tandi. I've heard she's looking for a special type of person.
159 Another question...
160 Thanks.
161 I might... There is a group set against slavery and- well, most the other vices, too. You can sometimes find them over at the big shop, working on some automobile.
162 Another question...
163 Thanks.
164 Hey, get your hands off that, punk!
165 Careful there! Just takes tiny amout to expose yourself.
166 Put that back! You could seriously hurt yourself with that stuff.
167 Those meds are for Mr. Westin, not you. Put them back.
168 Get away from that. Got to be careful, see. Wouldn't want Mr. Westin getting the wrong meds now.
169 Watch it! I just measured out Mr. Westin's dose.
170 I'm Doc Jubilee. What's wrong, young miss?
171 What's wrong, young miss?
172 There you are, miss.
173 Well you shouldn't worry, miss. As long as he doesn't tax his system, he'll probably outlast us all. 'Course that's if he'd ever mind my doctoring or his medicine.
174 Sure. Here's the $
175 Thanks, I've been trying to get the money out of Saltbeef, but that bum never had any.

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