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100 You see a person wearing the uniform of the NCR Police.
101 A cop.
102 Judging from the unsmiling face, don't expect much mercy here.
103 Put your weapon away - NOW!
104 Stranger, we got a no weapon policy in this town. Put your weapon away.
105 Put the weapon away and nobody'll get hurt.
106 It's after curfew, stranger. Why don't you head home?
107 Move along now. There's nothing to see here.
108 Night's not a good time to be wandering the streets.
109 Good day, stranger. New in town?
110 Move along now. There's nothing to see here.
111 I'm on assignment. If there's trouble you might try reporting it to the sheriff.
112 Hey, stop tampering with that.
113 Get away from that.
114 That is not to be tampered with.

They warned her, don't go there There's creatures who are Hiding in the dark Then something came creeping It told her

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