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100 You see a cheat character.
101 This guy shouldn't be here.
102 Hey it's a cheat character.
103 Hey that hurt.
104 Hello what would you like to happen.
105 Setting Westin's flags.
106 Set Accept Snuffing westin?
107 Unset Accept Snuffing Westin.
108 Set Westin Dead.
109 Unset Westin Dead.
110 Set Westin Cancel Snuff
111 Unset Westin Cancel Snuff.
112 Set Westin Drugs Known.
113 Unset westin Drugs known.
114 Set Westin Fail
115 Unset westin Fail.
116 Set Westin Complete
117 Unset Westin Complete.
118 Set Westin Snuff Known.
119 Unset westin snuff known.
120 Setting Carlson's Flags.
121 Set Carlson Accept Snuff.
122 Unset Carlson Accept Snuff.
123 Set Carlson Dead.
124 Unset Carlson Dead.
125 Set Carlson Security Duty.
126 Unset Carlson Security Duty.
127 Set Carlson Cancel Snuff.
128 Unset Carlson Cancel Snuff.
129 Set Carlson Complete.
130 Unset Carlson Complete.
131 Set Carlson fail.
132 Unset Carlson Fail.

It also says you were adopted. So that's funny, too.

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