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100 You see a snot-nosed little kid.
101 It's Vice-President Carlson's kid
102 Looks like a spoiled little runt. Fat, too.
103 My dad's Vice-President Carlson, so you better treat me nice! Who are you?
104 [Player name]
105 I'm one of your dad's guards.
106 Where's your dad?
107 See this knife? I've gutted little kids nicer than you.
108 I'm your worst nightmare, puke.
109 Sorry kid, I'm busy.
110 ? That's a crappy name. You got a stupid name! Stupid name!
111 Then you got to be extra nice to me or I'll tell my dad.
112 Oh? How about I (whisper).
113 Right. Oh boy.
114 He's inside. In his office. He's always in there.
115 Where's his office?
116 Okay. Thanks.
117 By the water tank. I play over there sometimes. I peek on him while he's working.
118 You're an annoying little brat, aren't you?
119 Thanks kid, you've been a big help.
120 You're not a nice man, you're a bad man! I'm going to go tell my daddy!
121 Hey, it's you again. Whatcha doing?
122 Go ask your father if I can see him.
123 Tell you father I have news about Mr. Bishop. Can you remember that?
124 Fnuh.
125 You're a poop brain! Poop brain!
126 Okay.
127 News about Mr. Mishop. Okay?
128 Good enough.
129 Daddy says he can't see you.
130 I told Daddy that. I think he doesn't like you.
131 Daddy says you can come in the house.
132 I told Daddy you were a bad man.
133 That's right, I'm the boogy man! And I'm gonna eat you.
134 You got me wrong, kid.
135 I'm not supposed to talk to you anymore.

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