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100 You see a man dressed in a jumpsuit.
101 You see Ben Wade, the caravan master for the Redding-Vault City run.
102 You see a man dressed in a Vault Suit.
103 You've got nerve coming 'round here for a job. You'll never work for me again.
104 Get the hell out of my sight.
105 Let's move 'em on out. Giddy-up!
106 OK, let's go.
107 Hello there. My name's Ben. Ben Wade. I'm in charge of trade caravans between Redding and Vault City. I can usually use an extra guard, and we're ready to leave right now.
108 Hello there. My name's Ben. Ben Wade. I'm in charge of trade caravans between Redding and Vault City. I can usually use an extra guard or two. We leave town on the 1st of every month. If you want to sign on, make sure you're here then.
109 What do you want now?
110 Moo-moos?
111 You need a guard, huh?
112 What does this caravan transport?
113 Why are you waiting until the 1st?
114 I don't think that's for me. Goodbye.
115 Seems like it gets harder every trip.
116 Hah! They shoulda known better than to try to attack my caravan.
117 Good thing you're along this trip.
118 What a nuisance. Things just ain't what they used to be 'round here.
119 These wastes just aren't as safe as they used to be.
120 You're not a guard - you're a con-man. Get out of here, you coward.
121 You left the caravan. Now leave here, as well.
122 You're nothing but a thief. You've probably already taken your cut - now get out.
123 A thief? I resemble that remark, you damn ingrate. I'm leaving. Goodbye.
124 Someday soon, you'll regret crossing me. Goodbye.
125 If you had done your job and guarded my caravan, then I'd have enough money to pay you. As it is...well, you reap what you sow. You get nothing.
126 You cheap bastard! You'll pay for stiffing me. Goodbye.
127 Well, sometimes you just get luckier than others. This was one of the unlucky times. Goodbye.
128 That was a bad trip. I can only give you $500 - and even that will leave me broke. Sorry.
129 Well, something is better than nothing, I guess. Goodbye.
130 You lousy bastard! Nobody could have done a better job. You'll regret stiffing me. Goodbye.
131 That caravan was a success. Here's your $1000. Pleasure working with you. Hope to see you again sometime.
132 I don't think I ever want to spend so much time looking at the ass-end of a brahmin again. Goodbye.
133 That wasn't too bad at all. See you later. Goodbye.
134 Hoo-wee! That was a great run. $1000 for you, and another $200 as a bonus. You must be some kind of lucky charm. Join us again if you're going our way.
135 Nice to find someone who appreciates quality when he sees it. See you around, maybe. Goodbye.
136 Always glad to make some extra money. Thanks, and goodbye.
137 Hard to say, really. I guess it depends upon how long it takes to get enough ore together. I'm no miner, but I'd guess it won't take longer than a couple of weeks.
138 Well, because I'm not exactly sure how long it will take to get all the medical supplies together. Probably not much longer than a couple of weeks. Then we can go. Just keep checking back with me.
139 What do you usually transport?
140 Let me ask you something else.
141 Thanks, I'll do that. Goodbye.
142 We're usually looking for caravan guards, but this caravan won't be ready for a while yet. Feel free to check back with me, though.
143 When on the 1st?
144 What does this caravan transport?
145 Okay, thanks. Goodbye.
146 Sorry, pal, we've already got enough throwbacks working in this caravan.
147 Oh, okay.
148 Well, we pick up mostly medical supplies in Vault City, and trade it to Redding in exchange for gold ore.
149 That's interesting. You said you're looking for guards?
150 Let me ask you something else.
151 Oh, okay. Goodbye.
152 You came along at a good time. We're ready to go right now. The job pays $1000, but I'm only paying you for the job since I only need one more guard. Ready to join us?
153 You came along at a good time. We're ready to go right now. The job pays $1000. Ready to join us?
154 Sounds great. I'm ready. Let's go.
155 I don't think I want to be a caravan guard. I'll see you around. Goodbye.
156 You got safe transport and three hot meals a day. Now get out of here, you moron.
157 Oooo? Bye bye.

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