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100 You see a man with greasy hair. He's covered in dust.
101 You see Savinelli, the guy in charge of the New Reno-to-Redding Caravans.
102 You see a short, nervous looking guy with slicked-back hair.
103 If you come by here again, it's just possible that you'll have an accident.
104 You've been warned. Now get the hell out of here.
105 Get them doggies moving!
106 Uh, doggies? Okay, whatever. Let's go.
107 Hello. I'm Enrico Savinelli. I run the caravan between New Reno and Redding. We can use an extra guard, if you're willing to leave right now.
108 Hello. I'm Savinelli. I run the caravan between New Reno and Redding. Always looking for a reliable guard or two. We leave town on the 21st of every month. If you want to go with us, make sure you're here on the 21st.
109 What d'ya want?
110 Moo-moos?
111 You need a guard, huh?
112 What do you trade?
113 Why are you waiting until the 21st?
114 I don't think that's for me. Goodbye.
115 They sure picked the wrong caravan to mess with.
116 Fuck with my caravan, will they?
117 Motherfuckers should know better than to try that with my caravan.
118 Well, they're sleeping with the fishes now. Let's move out.
119 More of those shit-heels all the time.
120 You abandon my caravan, and then come back to beg for work? Get out of here.
121 I said get out. Are you deaf as well as yellow?
122 I respect thieves...but only good ones. You're nothing but a punk. Get out of here before I have to hurt you.
123 A thief? I resemble that remark, you damn ingrate. I'm leaving. Goodbye.
124 You'll regret crossing me. Goodbye.
125 That was one of the worst caravans I've had in years. I'm not making money on it, so guess what? Neither are you. Get out of my sight.
126 Yeah? I'd like to see you try that, you cheap bastard. Goodbye.
127 Well, sometimes you just get luckier than others. This was one of the unlucky times. Goodbye.
128 Fuck. My ass is really in a sling here. We lost so much stuff this run. I knew I shoulda' hired pros. Here's $500 for your time, you worthless sack of shit.
129 Well, something is better than nothing, I guess. Goodbye.
130 You lousy bastard! Nobody could have done a better job. Goodbye.
131 That's the ticket. That run went smooth as shit through a goose. Here's your $1500, pal.
132 I don't think I ever want to spend so much time looking at the ass-end of a brahmin again. Goodbye.
133 Thanks. See you later. Goodbye.
134 That's the way a caravan run should go. Smooth as a baby's silky bottom. Here's your $1500, and I'll even throw in an extra $200 for the smooth service.
135 Nice to find someone who appreciates quality when he sees it. See you around, maybe. Goodbye.
136 Thanks for the extra change, Savinelli. Goodbye.
137 I'm not sure how long it's going to take these damn dirt-grubbers to get my gold shipment together. We'll be ready to go on the 21st, no matter what. Check back with me if you still want a job.
138 Hey, I'm putting together a shipment of some delicate stuff. Stuff that takes time. Can't rush quality, ya' know. Should be ready to go on the 21st. Come back then if you still want a job.
139 What do you usually transport?
140 Let me ask you something else.
141 Thanks, I'll do that. Goodbye.
142 We're usually looking for caravan guards, but I ain't ready to go just yet. I'll be ready to head out on the 21st. Come back then if you want a job.
143 When on the 21st?
144 What does this caravan transport?
145 OK, thanks. Goodbye.
146 Hey, pal, you've gotta know when to say no. And *I* do. So NO!
147 Oh, okay.
148 Well, we pick up mostly, uh, medical supplies - yeah, that's it - in New Reno, and trade it to Redding for gold ore.
149 That's interesting. You said you're looking for guards?
150 Let me ask you something else.
151 Oh, okay. Goodbye.
152 You came along at a good time. We're ready to go right now. The job pays $1500, but I'm only paying you for the job since I only need one more guard. Ready to join us?
153 You came along at a good time. We're ready to go right now. The job pays $1500. Ready to join us?
154 Sounds great. I'm ready. Let's go.
155 I don't think I want to be a caravan guard. I'll see you around. Goodbye.
156 You were an entertaining little monkey, but now I'm tired of you. Get out of here, you dumb-ass.
157 Numb-ass? Bye bye.
200 Bring it on!

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