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100 You see a thin old woman who's seen better times.
101 You see the Widow Rooney.
102 You see a thin old woman with warts and a very furry upper lip.
103 Get away from me.
104 Haven't you done me enough harm to me for one lifetime?
105 Why don't you just kill me this time?
106 Get your kicks evicting old women, do you?
107 Come to look at the results of your handiwork?
108 Thanks for helping me to keep my home. I sure couldn't have done it without you. Now why don't you let Widow Rooney give you a great big kiss.
109 Are you back for another one of Widow Rooney's thank you kisses? I just can't get enough of thanking you.
110 Uh, well, if you must. I was curious about that well you have outside.
111 Uh, that's okay. I was happy to help out. Goodbye.
112 The well? Well, well... heh, heh. Nothing much to tell about it really. It's been dry for a good long time now. I could swear that I hear noises coming from it late at night, but my hearing ain't what it used to be.
113 Noises? What kind of noises?
114 Well, thanks for the information. Goodbye.
115 I'm probably just hearing things anyhow, but it seems sort of like a scratching or digging sound. Probably just dogs or something.
116 Hmm, maybe so. Well, thanks. Goodbye.
117 Hello there, young fella. What can old Widow Rooney do fer ya?
118 Hello there, young lady. What can old Widow Rooney do for ya?
119 Are you my mommy?
120 Well, I've got some bad news for you, Widow Rooney.
121 I was just looking around and wondered who lived here. Nice to meet you, Widow Rooney.
123 Oh, nothing, really. I was just looking around. Goodbye.
124 I'm not your dang mommy. I already have one brahmin to take care of and I sure as hellfire don't need another. Shoo now, get out.
125 Bye bye. Mommy.
126 I see. So, you're the one doing Ascorti's dirty work now. What are you going to do? Kill me? Kick me out into the cold?
127 I hope that eases what serves you for a conscience.
128 Ascorti? Who's that?
129 The outside air will be good for you. Move it, granny, if you know what's good for you.
130 I can't stand the idea of anybody kicking an old lady like you out. How much do you owe in back rent?
131 Nice to meet you, too. Not often I have polite callers. Mostly they just come in to threaten a frail old lady.
132 People are threatening you? Why?
133 Well, some people get their kicks in mysterious ways, I guess. Nice talking to you.
134 Well, I owe Ascorti six months in back rent. $120 for this flea hostel. I just don't have it. Some of my brahmin took sick and died, and I couldn't pay. If I don't get him the money soon, he's gonna have the Sheriff evict me.
135 Well, actually�I'm supposed to be doing the Sheriff's job for him. I'm the one that's supposed to kick you out now.
136 Evict a harmless old crone like you? That's not nice. Who would do that?
137 I'd hate to see you kicked out. Why don't you let me pay your back rent for you? I have little use for money. I'm the Chosen One.
138 That's terrible. I'd love to help, but I don't have any liquid assets. Uh, I better be going now. Goodbye.
139 Threatening a frail old woman with Gross Bodily Harm? You and Ascorti are cut from the same cloth. All right. I'll leave, but I'll leave you a little extra something from my gypsy ancestors. (she makes a sign with her hands) There; you have the evil eye on you now. I hope you like it.
140 I've got a couple of gestures that you'll like, too. Here they are! (you make a few choice ones) Now get out!
141 Gypsies, huh? Well if you're some sort of witch, maybe we should just burn you, then. Get out.
142 Just doing a job, lady. You don't want me to have to get rough with you. Now get out. Please?
143 Ascorti...Ascorti's nobody but the greediest, most conniving, slipperiest, low-down, weasel-crawling, gutless, slimeball in this here town. He's the Mayor as well as my landlord.
144 Oh, *that* Ascorti. Well, why didn't you say so?
145 I'd hate to take money from someone touched in the head. Uh, Mr. Chosen One.
146 I'd hate to take money from someone touched in the head. Uh, Miss Chosen One.
147 It's nothing. I'm happy to do it. Here's the $120 you need.
148 You know, I do feel a bit woozy after that last fight. Maybe I should think about this a bit more. Goodbye.
149 Thank you so much. You ARE the Chosen One! Thank you. I just can't wait to see the look on that Ascorti's puss when I give him the money.
150 I was happy to help you. Goodbye.
151 Material things mean little to me. I'm glad I was able to use the money for good.
152 Looks like your heart is bigger than your means. Well, I thank you for the thought, anyhow.
153 I'll try to come back later with more money. Goodbye.

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