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100 You see a bedraggled wretch.
101 You see Rattray, Doc Johnson's hunchbacked assistant.
102 You see a bedraggled, hunchbacked, crippled wretch-with a bad case of dandruff.
103 Ratt clean real good, Doctor.
104 You worthless lump of flesh.
105 Ratt try real hard to help.
106 I don't know why I put up with your incompetence.
107 Ratt real sorry, Ratt act better.
108 You just better, or you'll find yourself out on the street again-I'm just too kind.
109 No Doctor, no put Ratt out! Ratt be good. Ratt promise.
110 Well, just see that you clean up your act then. I'm warning you.
111 Ratt be very good. Ratt no trouble.
112 Yes, well, see that your chores get done.
113 Ratt clean and clean. Eat all bad bugs. Keep house clean.
114 And that's another thing, I don't want to see you constantly eating those beetles, or roaches, or whatnot.
115 Doctor not want Ratt to get rid of bugs? Okay, Ratt save nice bugs for Doctor to eat.
116 I don't want to eat them, you fool! I just don't want to watch you eat them.
117 Ratt not eat bugs?
118 That's right, DON'T EAT BUGS IN FRONT OF ME. I don't care for that nasty crunching sound.
119 Ratt just suck on crunchy shells then?
120 NO! I don't want you chewing bugs, sucking on them, licking them, or anything else.
121 Ratt no eat bugs. Ratt take good care of Doctor's bugs.
122 Well, now that we've got that settled. Did you clean the shelves?
123 Yes, Doctor, Ratt clean all nice Doctor's pretty, pretty shelves. Nice shelves all clean.
124 Very well then. What about the floor? It looks dirty.
125 Ratt, scrub floor again for nice Doctor. No want dirty floor for clean Doctor.
126 Hmm, I suppose you think you can just lay about now. Is that it?
127 No Doctor, no. Ratt not do that again. Ratt remember.
128 Just see that you keep yourself busy, or I'll whip you again.
129 NO! Doctor, no whip Ratt. Ratt be good now.
130 Mind you, I don't enjoy it. But you need the discipline, Rattray. You certainly do.
131 Yes, Doctor. Doctor always know best for Ratt.
132 As long as you remember that, Rattray. God knows why I take such pains with you.
133 Doctor nice man, very nice man.
134 Yes, well I suppose that I am, at that.
135 I works 'ere for the Doctor.
136 I clean up. Hokay?
137 Heh, heh, heh. I found something to eat.
138 I found a roach. Yummy.
139 You want yummy roach to eat too? Ratt share.
140 Doctor take good care of Ratt.
141 Ratt bad but nice Doctor take good care of him anyway.
142 Ratt always so stupid. Why me so stupid?
143 Ratt sorry. Me no understand what you want.
144 Doctor say Ratt not to talk to visitors.
145 Ratt not say anything.
146 Ratt not get in way. Ratt want help.
147 You know where Doc go?
148 Ratt not see Doc in longtime.
149 Doc gone, Ratt sad.
150 Who take care of Ratt now?

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