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100 You see Madame Modjeska.
101 You see Madame Modjeska.
102 I want to be alone.
103 Please just go away.
104 Don't bother me.
105 Please leave me.
106 I have no tolerance for the simple.
107 Most of the rabble are just working to get enough Jet. They need something to take their minds off this place.
108 Let me ask you something else.
109 Jet? What's Jet?
110 I see. Goodbye.
111 Jet does have its uses. It tends to make one care somewhat less about the surrounding squalor.
112 Let me ask you something else.
113 Jet? What's Jet?
114 I see. Goodbye.
115 Jet is so expensive lately. It's just criminal. Speaking of which�I hear that our cherished Mayor Ascorti is working to get us more Jet. Always a champion of the masses, that man is.
116 Let me ask you something else.
117 Mayor Asctorti? Who is that exactly?
118 Jet? What's Jet?
119 I see. Goodbye.
120 Seems like everyone's sick. That last batch of Jet had everyone swearing off the stuff. My guess is that they'll be back on Jet soon enough, though.
121 Let me ask you something else.
122 Jet? What's Jet?
123 I see. Goodbye.
124 Looks like I was wrong. Most of the people who were real Jet pilots have sworn off the stuff. After that last bad batch, most of us can't so much as smell the stuff without getting sick to our stomachs.
125 Let me ask you something else.
126 Jet? What's Jet?
127 I see. Goodbye.
128 I am�Madame Modjeska. What do you wish of me?
129 Hello there. What can I help you with?
130 I don't have time to waste. What do you want of Madame Modjeska?
131 I can hardly be bothered with this now. What do you want?
132 Madame Modjeska feels indisposed today. What do you want of her?
133 My head feels as though it must surely split in twain. What do you want of me?
134 I'm Madame Modjeska. One time Jet user, amongst other things. Now I only dabble in other things. I find that Jet no longer agrees with me.
135 What can the Madame do for you?
136 What do you do here Madame Modjeska?
137 Looks as though a lot of people here are chem-users. What's going on in town lately?
138 Hear any interesting rumors?
139 Why do they call you Madame Modjeska?
140 What's the matter with you?
141 What happened to you?
142 Lately, I don't do much at all. I used to run part of Lou's operation at the Malamute Saloon - but we had a falling out, so I quit.
143 Let me ask you something else, then.
144 I understand. Well, that's all I needed to know. Goodbye.
145 All I hear about are politics. That always seems to be the big stir in discussion.
146 Politics? What do you mean?
147 Of course. Let me ask you about something else.
148 Well, that's all I needed to know. Goodbye.
149 I used to work in the Malamute Saloon. As part of that job, people called me Madame. The name just stuck, even though I don't work there any more.
150 Where do you work now?
151 Uh, not really. Let me ask you something else.
152 I think that's all I need to know. Goodbye.
153 I flew a bit of Jet a few days back and it made me feel quite unwell. Must have been a tainted batch. I 'm not eager to try that again. Oh well, back to the bottle, I suppose.
154 Sounds bad. Let me ask you something else, then.
155 I understand. Well, that's all I needed to know. Goodbye.
156 I feel better than I look. Not by much, but enough.
157 What do you mean? What happened?
158 Have you ever seen a greased brahmin contest?
159 Sure I have. Uh, plenty of times. Let me ask you something else.
160 Nope, never heard of anything like that. Tell me about them.
161 I don't know what that has to do with local politics, and I don't think I want to know. Goodbye.
162 After that last tainted batch of Jet, I've sworn off the stuff. Maybe when I feel better I'll get drunk instead. (she laughs)
163 Well, good for you, I guess. Let me ask you something.
164 Interesting. Well, I'll leave you to your recovery. Goodbye.
165 What they do is grease up a brahmin calf, and then everyone in the crowd tries to catch the calf. If you can't catch it yourself, you make damn sure nobody else can, either.
166 I don't see what that has to do with politics.
167 Yeah, sure. I've heard enough, Madame Modjeska. Goodbye.
168 In this game, Redding is the greased brahmin - and a golden one at that. New Reno, the New California Republic, and Vault City are all trying to catch us...or at least keep the others from catching us.
169 What do you mean?
170 That's nice. Well, I better be going, Madame. Thanks for the insight. Goodbye.
171 Here in Redding we mine gold. Then we ship it to New Reno, the NCR, and Vault City in return for goods. Each of those places would like to have the gold - and the trade - all to themselves.
172 Why don't they just attack you and take it, then?
173 Who wouldn't? I think I'll try to find some of that gold myself. Thanks, and goodbye.
174 We're big enough, and far enough away, to make a take-over expensive as well as dangerous. Much more efficient to have us join willingly.
175 What do you mean?
176 That makes sense. Thanks for clueing me in. Goodbye.
177 The three powers are trying to get Redding to choose which side to ally themselves with. They've all got powerful allies in town, and it looks like things are coming to a head. Soon, Redding's going to have to make a choice.
178 A choice?
179 Who's working for whom?
180 Money. Hmm. Well I've got to be going. Goodbye.
181 The grease on this Brahmin calf is getting a bit thin. Soon, one of the powers is going to have to make a major play to take Redding before the others do. When that happens, people are going to get hurt. A lot of people.
182 Who's working for whom?
183 Why are people going to get hurt?
184 Thanks for the info. Goodbye.
185 I'm not altogether sure, but I think the lineup's like this: Dan McGrew's all for New Reno, Marge LeBarge's for the NCR, Doc Johnson's for Vault City, and I don't know yet who Mayor Ascorti's for.
186 How can those people help a takeover?
187 Who's Marge LeBarge?
188 Who's Dan McGrew?
189 Who's Doc Johnson?
190 Who's Mayor Ascorti?
191 Thanks for the info. Goodbye.
192 People are going to get hurt because this kind of change doesn't come easy. Those that think they're not going to get the prize get it in their mind to not let anyone else get it, either. The only way to avoid that is if we decide to go with one of the powers and make a quick alliance before the others catch on.
193 What do you think will happen?
194 I see. Thanks. Goodbye.
195 I think that the folks here will follow Mayor Ascorti's lead. He's a crook, but people trust that. He'll go with whoever's strongest. You see, whatever's good for Ascorti is also going to be good for Redding. I think he just hasn't figured out who's closest to being on top yet. But he's got to choose soon.
196 Let me ask you about something else.
197 Thanks for letting me know what's going on here. Goodbye.
198 Marge LeBarge is the owner of the Kokoweef Mine. It and the Morningstar Mine are the only two working mines left in Redding. I think that Marge's more of an NCR type. I don't think she likes their prudishness, but she recognizes power when she sees it.
199 Who's Dan McGrew?
200 Who's Doc Johnson?
201 Who's Mayor Ascorti?
202 How can these people help a takeover?
203 Thanks for the info. Goodbye.
204 Dangerous Dan McGrew, ah, yes. He's the owner of the Morningstar Mine. It and the Kokoweef Mine are the only two working mines left in Redding. I think Dan is leaning more towards New Reno, if I had to guess. He likes his miners doped up and happy.
205 Who's Marge LeBarge?
206 Who's Doc Johnson?
207 Who's Mayor Ascorti?
208 How can these people help a takeover?
209 Thanks for the info. Goodbye.
210 Ascorti's the Mayor. He runs Ascorti's Ace downtown. He takes care of buying and selling a lot of stuff. He's right in the middle of all kinds o' thangs.
211 Ascorti's the Mayor of Redding. But I don't rightly know where he is. Haven't seen him around for a stretch.
212 Let me ask you about something else.
213 I think I've listened to you long enough. Goodbye.
214 Jet is a wonderful chem that helps me to take the edge of this miserable existence, darling.
215 Let me ask you something else.
216 Interesting. Thanks and goodbye.
217 Jet's a chem that helps me to feel truly alive. I'm a real sky-pilot with Jet.
218 Let me ask you something else.
219 Interesting. Thanks, and goodbye.
220 Mmmm, I'll tell you what Jet is. It's delicious, that's what it is. Jet has something for everybody.
221 Let me ask you something else.
222 Interesting. Thanks, and goodbye.
223 Jet used to be the thing. Now it's turning my guts around and around like a worn-out washing machine. I wouldn't recommend any of the current batch. This Jet has run out of fuel and crashed, darling.
224 Sure, sorry. Let me ask you something else.
225 Interesting. Thanks, and goodbye.
226 Something was desperately wrong with the last batch of Jet that went through town. It crashed and burned on take-off. I think I'm through flying. Now, drinking - there's something that you can depend on.
227 Let me ask you something else.
228 Interesting. Thanks, and goodbye.
229 Painless Doc Johnson's sort of a mystery man. I don't know where he came from, but he's a real M.D., all right. Only place he'd get training like that is Vault City. I'm betting he's been planted here to further their interests. He must've pissed off someone there to get the assignment, though; those VC'ers don't like the outside much.
230 Who's Marge LeBarge?
231 Who's Dan McGrew?
232 Who's Mayor Ascorti?
233 How can these people help a takeover?
234 Thanks for the info. Goodbye.
235 The Mayor's a man that knows how to play both sides while he's stealing the middle. He's got a few scruples left, but mostly he'll do what's right for Redding in order to keep his own interests safe.
236 Who's Marge LeBarge?
237 Who's Dan McGrew?
238 Who's Doc Johnson?
239 How can these people help a takeover?

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