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100 You see a powerful-looking black man.
101 You see Earl Marion, the Sheriff of Redding.
102 You see a powerfully built man looking at you intently.
103 You're about a taco short of a combination plate.
104 No hand-outs here. Now git!
105 You're a few fries short of a happy meal, aren't you?
106 Move along, little doggy.
107 Move along.
108 Howdy there. My name's Earl Marion. I'm the Sheriff in these here parts. Sounds downright picturesque, don't it? Well, that's my job.
109 What can Sheriff Marion do for you?
110 As the Sheriff, what do you do here in town?
111 I'm here in town to kick ass and chew bubblegum - and I'm all out of gum.
112 I won't make any trouble. I was just leaving. Goodbye.
113 Hello there, Ranger. My name's Earl Marion and I'm the Sheriff in Redding. Glad to have you in town, Ranger.
114 Howdy, Ranger. What can Sheriff Marion do for you?
115 How'd you know I'm a Ranger?
116 As the Sheriff, what do you do here in town?
117 Good to be here. I was just checking in, Sheriff. See you later. Goodbye.
118 Simple. It's tattooed on the back of your neck.
119 It is not.
120 It is?
121 Damn, I thought it was a secret.
122 Oh, I thought you recognized the secret hand-shake I gave you.
123 (Heh, heh) If you were a fish I'd have landed a big one. I was just kidding. Seriously though, it's my business to know stuff like that.
124 Oh, I see. What else do you do as Sheriff?
125 I'm still curious as to how you knew.
126 I guess that's why you're the Sheriff, Earl. Goodbye.
127 Well, if you must steal all the drama and mystery from my moment�I have friends in the NCR. Good friends. Might say that we have common interests, too.
128 Oh, well, that explains it. I was curious. What do you do here in town as the Sheriff?
129 Common interests? What kind of common interests?
130 I see. Well, I'll be moving on now. Goodbye.
131 I didn't want to let on that easy. Anybody could know the handshake.
132 Oh.
133 Keep the peace, mostly. At least that's what I'd be doing if I didn't have this leg all busted up.
134 It's like I said before. My leg's all busted up, and I can't do my job 'cause of it.
135 What happened to your leg?
136 That must make it hard to do your job as Sheriff.
137 Bad break, that. Oops. I mean bad luck. Goodbye.
138 I was going out to meet a caravan and it was late, so I took a nap. Next thing I knew, a damn gecko was trying to make a lunch outta my kneecap. Damn thing almost had it, too. Another good bite and I'd be sitting down permanent-like.
139 So your leg's still in bad shape, huh?
140 Well, I wasn't much of a dancer before this happened, and I rechon I won't be afterwards, neither. I can gimp around, but Doc Johnson said I better not if'n I want it to heal right. Sure could use some help, though.
141 Not that I can do much right now, with my leg all banged up. Gotta stay off it for a time yet, according to Doc Johnson. What can I help you with?
142 Whatcha pestering me with now?
143 Who's Doc Johnson?
144 You need some help, Sheriff?
145 While the cat's away�
146 Well, I won't keep you any longer. You must need your rest. Goodbye.
147 Good ole Painless Doc Johnson's our town doc. You have a toothache or a broken bone, he'll set you to right. He also sells medicine. All kinds of medicine, if you get my drift. For *whatever* ails ya.
148 Sounds like a helpful guy to have around. Where is he here in town?
149 Interesting. Let me ask you something else, Sheriff Marion.
150 Thanks. I'll see you around. Goodbye.
151 Yeah, I sure could use some help with a couple of things. Just part-time like. It pays real good and you'd be doing a good thing for the town of Redding, too.
152 Real good? How good is real good?
153 How can I help out?
154 As a Ranger, I could do no less than help you out in your time of need.
155 I don't think I can help you out right now, Sheriff. Maybe another time. Goodbye.
156 I wouldn't get any bright ideas. I can still whup any two of you, with or without a good leg.
157 Hey, I was just kidding. Let me ask you something else.
158 Yeah, you and what army?
159 I was just pulling your leg. Uh, what I mean to say is�uh. Goodbye, Sheriff.
160 The Doc's office is at the west end of downtown here. He's just about always happy to see new patients.
161 I see. Let me ask you something else.
162 Maybe I'll go visit with him for a while. Goodbye, Sheriff.
163 We all have a respect of the need for law and order, of course. And we also have some concerns regarding the future of Redding.
164 The future of Redding?
165 That makes sense, what with you being the Sheriff. Say, what does the Sheriff do here in town?
166 Sure. Redding can't stand alone forever. At some point we're going to need a friend. I just want to make sure we've got a friend when we need one. The *right* friend.
167 There are wrong friends?
168 You bet there are. New Reno would just gut Redding for our gold, and Vault City would keep us as second class citizens rather than make us real partners.
169 You think the NCR would be different?
170 I know it would be. The NCR is the future of the wastes. Working together for a bigger tomorrow. Just like their posters say. They want us to join them, not submit to them.
171 I see. How can you influence Redding, though?
172 Everyone's got an angle, all right. Goodbye, Sheriff.
173 Well, the time's not right yet for a real move. But I let people know who they'll be able to count on when push comes to shove. That's enough�for now.
174 Interesting. Let me ask you something else.
175 Hmm, something to think about, anyhow. Goodbye.
176 I can't believe that you'd use such a corny line. You've been reading too many pulp-westerns. Here's one for you; You gonna slap leather and draw that smoke wagon, or you just gonna stand there and sweat?
177 Okay, Sheriff! Draw!
178 Hey, I didn't mean nothing. I was just funnin'. Let me ask you about something.
179 Uh, hey...I was just kidding. I'll just sweat, thank you. Uh, goodbye, Sheriff.
180 Yeah. I figured you was like that.
181 Heh, heh. Goodbye, Sheriff Marion.
182 What do you know about me? That's it. You're gonna pay for that. I'm a-callin' you out.
183 Pay varies by the job, but I've got a simple one you could start on. Just kicking some deadbeat out of a squat. Pay you $100 to do it for me.
184 That doesn't sound too hard. Tell me more about it.
185 I don't think I have time for that right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
186 Way to go, Ranger, good to hear it. The Widow Rooney is way behind on her rent. Her house is just across the alley from here, to the west. You just have to kick her out of her house - unless she can come up with the rent she owes Mayor Ascorti.
187 The Widow Rooney is way behind on her rent. Her house is just across the alley from here, to the west. You just have to kick her out of her house - unless she can come up with the rent she owes Mayor Ascorti.
188 Here we go again. The Widow Rooney is way behind on her rent. Her house is just across the alley from here, to the west. You just have to kick her out of her house - unless she can come up with the rent she owes Mayor Ascorti.
189 How much does she owe Mayor Ascorti?
190 As a bonafide Ranger, I'll be happy to help you maintain law and order. Of course I'll do the job for you.
191 Mayor Ascorti? Who's that?
192 That doesn't sound too bad. I'll do it.
193 I don't think I want to do that. Goodbye Sheriff.
194 Great. Thanks for your help. Just come back here when you finish, and I'll pay you and see if we can dig up something else for you to do.
195 Okay, Goodbye, Sheriff.
196 I don't know. But I bet she can tell you. Will you do it?
197 Okay, I'll do it.
198 Mayor Ascorti? Who's that?
199 I don't think I want to do that right now. Goodbye, Sheriff.
200 Ascorti's the Mayor here in Redding. He runs Ascorti's Ace, right across the street here. Just north of us. So, will you help me out?
201 How much does she owe him?
202 Okay, I'll do it.
203 I don't think I want to help you right now. Goodbye, Sheriff.
204 Sorry to hear that. I could sure use the help. Well, if you change your mind�you know where to find me.
205 Before I go, let me ask you about something else.
206 I sure do. Goodbye, Sheriff.
207 Oh, one more thing. I almost forgot. Here's a badge. You may need it.
208 Thanks, Sheriff; I'm honored. I won't tarnish it with actions you wouldn't approve of.
209 Heck, I feel more important already. Goodbye.
210 Hey there. I'm sorry that you couldn't help me out earlier. You come back 'cause you changed your mind?
211 Maybe. Tell me what I need to do again.
212 Nope, I was just walking around town. Goodbye, again.
213 Glad to see you again. You've got to take care of that Widow Rooney problem before I can pay you, though.
214 Sure thing. Uh, what was I supposed to do again?
215 Oh, Okay. Goodbye.
216 You did fine work with that Widow Rooney. Here's your $100. You ready for the next job? I can sure use the help.
217 Tell me about the next job.
218 I don't think so. Goodbye, Sheriff.
219 You did a real nice thing for the Widow Rooney. Made friends all around and kept the peace. Thanks. You ready for another job? I think you've got a real knack for it.
220 Tell me about the next job.
221 Not right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
222 You got way out of line with the Widow Rooney. She was a little old widow lady, for chrissakes. Why'd you have to go and kill her for? Here's your money, but you better watch that hair-trigger on the next job.
223 Tell me about the next job.
224 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
225 You sure didn't do much of a job in breaking up that bar fight. Can't pay you for something you didn't rightly do. But I've still got a bum leg. You ready for another job?
226 Tell me about the next job.
227 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
228 Putting those Morningstar miners in jail seemed to work, but Dan McGrew, their boss, isn't going to be too happy about it. Here's your money. Ready for your next job?
229 Tell me about the next job.
230 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
231 Marge is gonna be real ticked off with you for putting her miners in the pokey. It worked, though. Here's your money. Ready for another job?
232 Tell me about the next job.
233 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
234 I'm not sure that putting every damn miner in town into my jail was the best way to solve that problem. I guess it worked, though. Here's your money. Ready for your next job?
235 Tell me about the next job.
236 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
237 Talk about spanking a baby with an axe. You went overboard with that one. You're only getting half-pay for that. Maybe it'll learn you something. Nobody needs to get killed over a bar brawl. You better do better on the next job. You ready?
238 Tell me about the next job.
239 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
240 Hello there. I'm sure glad that you're taking care of that bad business with one of Lou's gals gettin' all cut up. Come on back when you've wrapped up the case.
241 I'm working on it right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
242 I'll make sure and do that. Yeah, right away. Goodbye.
243 You let that bastard who cut that girl go free? What kind of idiot are you, anyway? I'll give you another job, but I ain't paying you for this one.
244 I'll tell you about idiots, you damn tin-starred, flat-footed greenhorn!
245 Tell me about the next job.
246 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
247 Thank god you put that murdering bastard Hakeswill away. We'll show him a bit of justice - and then we'll hang him. Well done. Here's your money. Ready for one more job?
248 Tell me about the next job.
249 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
250 I don't doubt that the bastard that cut that gal deserved what you gave him, but you sure didn't make any friends with the miners by killing him. They do so enjoy seeing a good trial afore a nice hangin'. Still, you got the job done. Here's your money. Ready for the next job?
251 Tell me about the next job.
252 I don't think I want another job right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
253 You know about Frog Morton. Well, we need to clear him out of here. He's too dangerous to let him set up shop right near town. I'll give you $1000 to go out to the Great Wanamingo Mine, just west of town, and kill Frog and his gang. He's one bad hombre, though, so watch yourself.
254 Sounds good to me. I'm on it.
255 I don't think I'm up to taking on a whole gang. Sorry, this isn't for me. Goodbye.
256 You did it. You killed Frog. Great job, great job. Here's $1000 in reward money. Of course his brothers aren't gonna be too happy with you when they hear about it - but heck, that's all part of the job.
257 Brothers? You didn't tell me that Frog had brothers.
258 Didn't I? Must have plum darn slipped my mind. Yup, that's what it did. Well, he's got three older brothers...even meaner than he was, from what I hear. Let's see...Toad, Newt and Snake Morton, if I remember aright. Heck, you know how tall tales can get. By the way, keep that badge I gave you. You earned it�Sheriff. (he smiles)
259 Uh, yeah. Sure. Well, I better be moving on. I have an appointment, someplace else. Someplace far away from Redding. Goodbye.
260 Just three more notches on my gun. No problem. So long, Sheriff.
261 I'm sorry to hear that; I sure could use the help. Well, if you change your mind, come on back right away.
262 I'll do that, Sheriff. Goodbye.
263 I'll think about it. Goodbye.
264 I hear that the miners from both the Morningstar and Kokoweef mines here in town are fixin' to stir up a ruckus at Lou's Malamute Saloon. I'll pay you $300 to break it up. You get over there right away. It's right across the street and down towards the west side of town here.
265 I'll get right on it, Sheriff. Goodbye.
266 I don't think I want to become involved in fisticuffs. I bruise easily. Goodbye, Sheriff.
267 Somebody cut up a whore over at Lou's Malamute Saloon. Just across the street here in downtown. Go find out who did it and bring them in. I'll pay you $500 for doing it. That kind of thing is bad for business, just bad all the way around.
268 I'll catch whoever did it. No problem. Goodbye, Sheriff.
269 Not my cup of tea, really. I'd best be moving on. Goodbye, Sheriff.
270 There's a bandit, name o' Frog Morton, that's taken up lodgings over in the ruins of the Great Wanamingo Mine just west of town. I need you to exterminate him. But be careful. He's crafty and he's bound to have some of his gang with him. I'll give you $1000 to get rid o' the varmint.
271 Why do they call him Frog Morton?
272 Sure thing, Sheriff.
273 Dash it all, but that just isn't my sort of soiree, mon frere. Goodbye.
274 His name's Morton, and they call him Frog 'cause he croaks people. Ready to go get 'im?
275 Ohhhh. Ouch. That's terrible. The pain, the pain�
276 Will do.
277 I don't think I want to risk getting croaked, Sheriff. Goodbye.
278 Hey, I didn't make that one up - he did. With puns that bad, I'd say that gives you just one more reason to kill 'im. You up for it?
279 On my way, Sheriff. Will do.
280 Sounds a little too dangerous to me. Goodbye.
281 You go break up that bar brawl yet? Well, get to it. People are gonna get hurt unless you get your ass moving. Now git!
282 Uh, sure thing, Sheriff.
283 I'll see what I can do. Goodbye, Sheriff.
284 Hey there, you've got a job to do. Come on back when you've croaked that Frog for us.
285 I was just resupplying. I'm on it. Goodbye.
286 On my way out there right now, Sheriff. Goodbye.
300 This job may be a bit too tough for you. Come back when you've got a bit more experience under your belt.

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