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100 You see a tall, thin man looking at you appraisingly.
101 You see Josh Laurance, owner of the Last Gasp Saloon.
102 You see a man looking you over, as though he's taking your measurements.
103 Get on out of here.
104 What the heck are you doing here, idjit?
105 This place ain't for you.
106 Go on now. Git, ya dang idjit!
107 Get out before you mess up the floor.
108 Hello there, friend. Name's Josh Laurance. I own this place.
109 What can I do for you?
110 What is this place, exactly?
111 I'd like to buy a drink.
112 I'd like to buy a round for everyone here.
113 I'd like to buy a round of drinks for my close friends here.
114 What's going on in town lately?
115 Nothing, right now. I was just passing through. Goodbye.
116 I ain't servin' that.
117 Take your *friend* outside.
118 This ain't no damn freak-show. Get that out of here.
119 That ain't coming into my place.
120 We don't serve that kind here. Get out.
121 This is the Last Gasp Saloon and Funeral Parlor. A full service establishment. Bottle to Grave is our motto.
122 That seems like a bizarre combination, Josh.
123 You'd do Lucretia Borgia proud, Josh.
124 What do I have to do to buy a coffin?
125 How do I arrange for funeral services?
126 I'll make sure to stay away from your bathtub gin.
127 Certainly. That'll be $5.
128 Here's your money.
129 I guess I don't want a beer right now after all. Let me ask you about something, though.
130 That's generous of you. That'll be $50 for a round of beer for everyone here. Hey, I'm a poet and didn't know it.
131 Ouch. Puns kill, Josh. Just a friendly warning. Here's your money.
132 Hmm, that pun seems to have taken all the fun out of the idea. Let me ask you something instead.
133 Ain't you the kind of friend a feller needs. That'll be
134 It's worth it. Here you go.
135 On second thought, I better keep everyone sober. Let me ask you something instead.
136 Things are looking up for me with you drumming up business. Keep up the good work. Give me something else to do, anyhow.
137 Well, not a whole lot that I pay attention too. Mostly my business is kinda quiet. Still as the grave, you might say. Although, lately, that don't mean so much.
138 Huh? What do you mean?
139 That it is. But I couldn't make ends meet just burying people - you might say business was dead. Oh, it was a grave matter. So I undertook the job of fixing up my place to sell drinks, too.
140 Uh-huh. I'm almost afraid to ask you anything else now. But I guess I will anyway.
141 Uh, doesn't it throw people off their feed to see all the stiffs in here?
142 I don't think I can stand another pun. I'm leaving. Goodbye.
143 Well, it would, if they was all real. But they ain't. Not all of 'em, anyway. 'Sides, the miners kinda like it. Makes 'em feel lucky to be alive.
144 I think it's creepy. You're a very disturbed individual.
145 I see. Well, let me ask you something else.
146 I guess some people might feel that way. But I'm not one of them. It just makes me feel kind of queasy. Goodbye.
147 You call *me* creepy? Why, I hear that tribals eat their damn dead.
148 How else could we grok their essence?
149 Hey, back off. We cook them first. We're not savages, you know.
150 That's ridiculous. Where'd you hear that?
151 I dunno 'xactly. But it's a fact sure as fiddlin'. Why else would you all file your teeth into points? Huh? Answer me that!
152 I don't file my teeth into� Oh, never mind. Let me ask you about something else.
153 Thankee kindly. Anything else for you?
154 Actually, there was something else.
155 Nope, that'll do it for now. Thanks, Josh.
156 What do ya mean by that?
157 I just meant that it seems like a rather, hmm, *unusual* combination.
158 Nothing, nothing at all. Let me ask you something else, Josh.
159 I just mean that I'll be drinking someplace a little less stiff. Uh, I mean more informal, of course. Goodbye.
160 I've been spending time reburying people in the graveyard next door. Someone - or something - keeps diggin' 'em up. Dunno why. I mean, it ain't like they have anything valuable on 'em.
161 The graves are being excavated?
162 How do you know that they don't have anything valuable on them?
163 Probably just rats. Let me ask you about something else.
164 Well, I don't know fer certain like�Uh, um. I was just guessin'. Yeah, that's it. Hey, have a free beer.
165 I don't know what you're implyin' but I don't like it.
166 Thanks for the beer. What do you mean that something's digging them up?
167 Well, tell me what you mean when you say that something's digging them up.
168 Well, I ain't never seen nothin' but every week or so, one or another of the graves is all pawed and half dug-up like. Don't rightly know what would do that.
169 That's strange.
170 Disturbin' is what it is. Now miners are tellin' me that they'd rather rest out their final days here inside, rather than get planted only to be pulled back up like an overripe turnip. Hell, I wouldn't mind saving the cute ones inside, but not everyone. I don't know what all to do about it.
171 What a pleasant image that is. I'm sure that I'll wake up in a cold sweat thinking about that one. Let me ask you something else.
172 It's a mystery, all right. Well, I'll see you around, Josh. Goodbye.
173 Well, I guess as long as you cook� Hold on a gol-darned minute. That's still cannibalism! You're one sick little unit, even for a tribal.
174 Relax, Josh. I was just kidding. Heh, heh. Heck, we just cook parts of them.
175 Parts, huh? Which parts 'xactly?
176 Who cares? (you shrug) Parts is parts.
177 I was just pulling your leg, Josh. Let me ask you about something else.
178 Yeah, well I guess that makes a kind of sense.
179 Sure it does. Hey, let me ask you about something else.
180 Speaking of which, I'm getting hungry. See you later, Josh. Goodbye.
181 God-damn Martians. And I mistook you for a damn tribal. Well, don't I feel stupid. Well, cannibals is cannibals in my book.
182 Hey, we cook them first. We're not savages, you know.
183 Let go of my leg, you cannibal! I need it for a good long while to come still. You find yourself another snack.
184 Relax, you look kind of tough and stringy anyhow. Heh, heh. Just kidding�mostly. Let me ask you something else, Josh.
185 Well, I'll look around. But if I don't find anything better, I'll be back. Goodbye�for now.
186 Need to buy the farm first. Planning on buying some real estate anytime soon?
187 Uh, not any farms anyhow. Let me ask you something else.
188 Might help someone else, or two, to buy a farm hereabouts. See you later, Josh.
189 Well, I guess you'd start by croaking someone. But I'd advise against it. Sheriff Marion isn't real keen on that kind of behavior.
190 I'll try to behave myself. Let me ask you something else, Josh.

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