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100 You see a gruff-looking woman with a big smile.
101 You see Jackpot Jane, the manager of the creature fights.
102 You see a capable-looking woman with a shrewdly appraising eye for detail.
103 Hello there, friend. Come to see the critter contests?
104 Oooh. Furry.
105 Pretty fur.
106 Ah, I see. You must be new in town. Well, I tell you what. I'll make a special bet for you during tomorrow's fights. Would you like me to do that for you?
107 (You nod) Ook, ook. (and hold out your purse).
108 Mook? Gaga. Bye furry.
109 Good idea. You come back here tomorrow and if your critter won in the fights, I'll give you your money. Okay?
110 OK, good move. I'll make sure you get a real special bet with that. See you later.
111 Win?
112 Okay... bye bye.
113 No, I'm afraid not. But I've got a real good feeling about the next time. Want to place another special bet?
114 Okay. Danku. (you nod and hold out your purse).
115 Booo? Bye.
116 I'm real sorry, but you ain't got nothing there to bet with. Come on back when you've got a bit of a grubstake together.
117 Okay, pretty pretty. Bye.
118 Show up at the corral right around noon ever-dang-day.
119 No fights right now, show up at the corral at noon.
120 Nothing happening here right now.
121 Wait until noon for the fights. Right now leave me alone.
122 Hey there! See you at the corral, otherwise get outta here.
123 This looks promising, folks. They're really sizing each other up.
124 A few good moves there, you can tell these two have done this before!
125 Good round, good round. There's a lot of hate in that corral.
126 Can you believe the stamina of these two? They can really dish it out as well as take it.
127 What an undercut there, that had to hurt!
128 Oh yeah! Body blow! Body blow!
129 I don't think he even saw that one coming, lucky move.
130 Ouch! That just hadda hurt!
131 This is the real punishment coming up now, folks.
132 Nice move, good paw-work there.
133 Working the body. Good moves here today, folks!
134 Nice combination! This one's a natural champ in the making!
135 Oh yeah, one-two combination, that's got his opponent reeling!
136 These two slugger-naughts are really working up a froth now!
137 Look at all that blood, and they're still going at it. What a fight!
138 This is the type of action you folks have come here to see. Classic moves, classic moves.
139 Yeah, raked him right across the jowls! That's gonna be a bleeder-wound too!
140 Did you see how far that blood spattered on that one?! Wow, what power!
141 Moving like greased lightning! Look at the all the torn flesh comin' off of there!
142 Just look at the scraps of flyin' flesh everywhere! These two have what it takes!
143 Hello there. I'm Jackpot Jane and I run the beast fights here in town. Here to place a bet on the outcome of one of our primal struggles? Beast against beast in its rawest form?
144 Step right up, place your bets. What'll it be?
145 Uh, what happens here?
146 I'm ready to place my bet.
147 I think these fights are rigged.
148 I was just looking around. Goodbye.
149 Quite simple, really: Two of the fearsome beasts that you can take a close look at, no tricks here, I assure you, will be herded into the ring. Seconds later you'll be treated to a display of the raw power of Mother Nature.
150 What does Mother Nature have to do with this?
151 And I can make money on this somehow?
152 Come one, come all, see the STRUGGLE of the CENTURY!
153 Step right up to place your money on the WINNER!
154 See the titanic struggle of beasts!
155 Place your money before betting's closed! Don't hesitate, don't miss out!
156 Beware splattering blood and viscera. The management assumes no responsibility for stains.
157 Thousands of dollars handed out daily!
158 Make your own goldmine of money right here! Right now!
159 Come and see the duel of the day!
160 Wild creatures struggle while you win money! YOU'LL LOVE IT!
161 Bring full purses and fuller expectations! RIGHT THIS WAY!
162 Get the hell out of here.
163 I don't need your kind of business.
164 Take it somewhere's else.
165 Just stay away from my corral.
166 I ain't interested in your money.
167 Well, as I was saying, the two creatures will hurl themselves against one another in an explosion of ferocity-the likes of which haven't been seen since the great machines roamed the earth.
168 Great machines?
169 Uh, yeah, and then what?
170 OK, listen, pal, would it help if I said-The likes of which haven't been seen since the great thunder lizards roamed the earth. Is that what tweaks your twinky? So you in or out? (aside) Jeez, everyone's a critic these days.
171 Uh, I'm in. I guess.
172 Big lizards scare me. I better stay out of this. Thanks for the warning. Goodbye. (you think to yourself) *Phew, that was close.*
173 The sportin' part is the bet on the outcome of the fight. Here's how it works. You come up to me and say you want to place a bet. I tell you which two critters are fightin' next and you tell me which one you're putting your money on.
174 Then what?
175 Simple, if your critter wins you double your money. TRIPLE in the event of a first-round takedown! If your critter loses, then your money belongs to me. There are usually several fights each day. Until the stock of critters runs low, you can bet on all of 'em. But just one bet per fight. Oh, yeah, just to keep things nice an' easy, all bets are $100.
176 OK. I get it. Let me try it.
177 I see. Hmm, I think I'll try this another time. Goodbye.
178 This one's gonna be a slugfest.
179 is up against
180 and they just hate each other. What's your bet?
181 This one's a real grudge-match. The best of the best
182 against
183 . Which one's your money on?
184 I've never put on a lineup this close before.
185 fighting
186 this round. Should be a good fight. Which ways' your money going?
187 Champion
188 against up and coming
189 . Quite a match. Which one's your lucky number today?
190 Okay. Here's the action.
191 is takin' on good old
192 . You won't see a fight like this one again anytime soon. What's your pleasure?
193 I'll put my money on
194 .
195 I'll put my money on
196 .
197 Hmm, I think I'll sit this one out.
198 I think I've had enough of this for today. I'll see you some other time. Goodbye.
199 Here you go champ. Here's your winnings. That's the last fight today. Come back tomorrow if you want more action.
200 More to come. You want to bet on the next fight?
201 I sure do.
202 I think I'll sit this next one out.
203 Look, nobody's forcing you to bet on them, are they? You don't like what you see here, then just keep walkin', you won't be missed. Understand?
204 I understand.
205 What a shot!
206 took out
207 in the very first round! What action!
208 Wow, that was close but
209 won this, last battle of the day. I'll pay everyone off, but come on back tomorrow for more great action.
210 What a gore-fest! I can't remember ever seeing a fight like that. The winner is
211 . Let me pay everyone off and we'll start the next round.
212 wins this round hands, err, claws down! Let me pay everyone off and we'll start the next round.
213 And the Weener is�
214 by a blood-soaked claw. Let me pay everyone off and we'll start the next round.
215 I just wanted to say that Ascorti's is going to be running a special on, uh, *steaks* tonight. It'll be just a moment while we drag the loser from the field.
216 wins this fight! Let me pay everyone off and we'll start the next round.
217 It looks as though
218 won. I've never seen a trouncing like that. Let me pay everyone off and we'll start the next round.
219 Wahoo! I won.
220 Yes! That's the ticket!
221 I've got a real talent for this.
222 I sure know my critter-flesh.
223 Damn. I lost.
224 Just my luck.
225 That could have gone better.
226 Maybe next time I'll pick better.
227 Good thing I didn't bet on that one.
228 I'm glad I held onto my money.
229 That would've cost me.
230 That was a good fight. Glad I didn't bet on it though.
231 Ok, thanks.
300 Keen Squeek
301 Vicky
302 Spike
303 Doug
304 Dimsdale
305 Marengo
306 Jackelope
307 Killer
308 Boss
310 Tanker
311 Muttley
312 Spud
313 Larry
314 Joe
315 Kong
316 Gorgo
317 Willard
318 Ben
320 Stumpy
321 Shredder
322 Ripper
323 Skree
324 Buban
325 Bongo
326 One-eye
327 Spot
328 Lord Wiggler
330 Lucky
331 Zoroaster the Great
332 Shub
333 Usuthu
334 Growler
335 Puggsly
336 Precious
337 Fraggle
338 Captain Midnight
340 Hammer
341 Secretariat
342 Man o' War
343 Sancho Panza
344 Loki
345 Cerberus
346 Grendel
347 Lady Penelope
348 Mr. Baggins
350 Lightning
351 Percy
352 Flower
353 Rumplestiltskin
354 Shagrat
355 Muktar
356 McComb
357 Avellone

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