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100 You see a Redding Townsperson.
101 This man looks as though he lives here.
102 You see a mineworker.
103 You see a farmer from Redding.
104 You see a local man.
105 You see a woman from Redding.
106 This woman looks as though she lives here.
107 You see a local woman.
108 You see a woman who probably works in the mines.
109 You see a farm-woman.
110 What are you looking at?
111 Welcome to the big city.
112 Hello.
113 Been in Redding long?
114 First time in Redding, huh?
115 We don't want any trouble here.
116 I've been looking at you, too.
117 Howdy, stranger.
118 What's up?
119 How're you doing?
120 Good day to you.
121 Yup.
122 Heya.
123 You see a man with a cool drink in his hand.
124 You see a man ordering a beer.
125 This guy's already had too much to drink.
126 You see a tippler.
127 This gentleman looks very happy.
128 You see a woman with a cool drink in her hand.
129 You see a woman ordering a beer.
130 This gal's already had too much to drink.
131 You see a tippler.
132 This woman looks intoxicated.
133 Hello, stranger.
134 Hello there.
135 Hmmm.
136 Urp.
137 Glug-glug-glug.
138 Thanks, stranger.
139 Not bad for a tribal, I say.
140 I needed that.
141 Mmm-hmmm.
142 Thanks.
143 You're my best friend.
144 What a pal.
145 You're the best.
146 Tribals are people, too.
147 Nothing like friends, is there?
148 I think I'd like to sing�
149 I take back most of what I said about you earlier.
150 What a friend.
151 Tribals are our kind of people.
152 Hip, hip, huzzah for the tribal.
153 ./~ How dry I am� ./~
154 ./~ 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer� ./~
155 This man looks at home.
156 You see a man eating a meal.
157 You see a man mending a garment.
158 This man is resting.
159 This man is relaxing in his home.
160 This woman looks at home.
161 You see a woman eating a meal.
162 You see a woman mending a garment.
163 This woman is resting.
164 This woman is relaxing in her home.
165 Hello.
166 What are you doing here?
167 I didn't invite you.
168 Go away. There aren't any tribal handouts here.
169 Beat it! Scram!
170 Why are you in my home?
171 You see a Redding miner.
172 You see a miner.
173 You see a tired miner.
174 You see a gold miner.
175 You see someone covered in dirt.
176 This person must be a miner.
177 ./~ Another day older & deeper in debt ./~
178 I've got dirt everywhere.
179 It sure is dark down there.
180 Dig we must.
181 We dig 'em and then we die in 'em.
182 Why isn't gold ever found on the surface?
183 You see an excited person.
184 This person's very nervous.
185 You see a person watching the ring.
186 This person seems keyed-up.
187 You see someone who must have money riding on the fights.
188 This person looks excited.
189 Get 'im!
190 There goes a week's wages�again.
191 Yeah!
192 Kill, kill, kill!
193 Go for the throat!
194 Maim the bastard!
195 Get up on 'im!
196 Go around! No, the other way!
197 Watch out!
198 That's the ticket!
199 Make me rich!
200 Gimme those new shoes, baby!
201 Give me some of that sugar!
202 Footwork stupid! Footwork!
203 Finish him!
204 Fight!
205 You see a young boy.
206 This little boy has come to the market.
207 You see a youth.
208 You see a youngster covered with dust.
209 This child is covered with mud.
210 You see a youngster picking its nose.
211 You see a child staring at you.
212 You see a wee tike.
213 You see a young girl.
214 You see a cute little girl.
215 Hey there, mister.
216 Whatcha doing mister?
217 Are you a cannibal?
218 Run away, run away!
219 I touched a dead gecko once.
220 Do you eat people?
221 I thought you were supposed to have horns on your head.
222 Where are you from?
223 Are you from far away?
224 Can't catch me!
225 Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!
226 You're funny looking.
227 You smell bad.
228 Hey there, lady.

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