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100 You see a gambler.
101 You see a gambler hoping to make some money.
102 You see a nervously excited person gambling.
103 Come on, baby needs new shoes.
104 Yeah, that's the ticket!
105 Shit!
106 Why me?
107 Can anyone spare me some change?
108 I've got a sure thing this time.
109 My system always works.
110 This system stinks!
111 This game is rigged!
112 I'm the luckiest person alive!
113 What did I do to deserve this?
114 Crap!
115 Yeee-haaaawww!
116 Yippeeee!
117 I've never seen anyone get that lucky before.
118 That *seems* too good to be true.
119 You better not win again.
120 What's the house limit?
121 House rules really say that?
122 Yeah, you betcha.
123 Let it ride.
124 I'm going to double-up next time.
125 Go baby, go baby�
126 There goes my house.
127 There goes my land.
128 I just need a little more credit.
129 My luck's about to change; I can feel it.
130 Where's my lucky gecko-foot when I need it?
131 What do you want?
132 Back off, bub.
133 Hey, don't jinx me.
134 Are you giving me the evil eye?
135 Hey, you're good luck.
136 Can I pat your head for luck?
137 Blow on these dice, will ya pal?
138 Play or blow.
139 This isn't a spectator sport, pal.
140 I hope you don't change the odds.
141 This table's unlucky.
142 This table's lucky.
143 Just a few more bucks and I'm going to walk away. I mean it this time.
144 Don't crowd me here.
145 Did you see that?
146 I just can't believe that luck.
147 Nice game, isn't it?
148 I feel lucky today.
149 This time's going to be different.
150 Didn't know you folks were much for games of chance.
151 It's all skill, I tell ya.
152 Stand back and watch it happen.

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