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100 You see a rather worn-looking woman.
101 You see Fannie Mae, one of the hostesses at the Malamute Saloon.
102 You see a woman who shows more wear from mileage than from years.
103 (Fannie looks distinctly unhealthy as she wobbles towards you) Hey there, lover. I'm feeling a little under the weather lately. Want to give me some money for a quick boost? I can make it worth your while. (grins)
104 (Fannie looks distinctly unhealthy as she wobbles towards you) Hey there, sister. Can you spare a few bucks to help a gal who's down on her luck? Just 'til I get back on my feet again.
105 (Fannie doesn't look very well at all) Hey there, pal. Ready for a li'l fun with Fannie? Half-price for you, lover. Where'd I put my Jet?
106 (Fannie doesn't look very well at all) Hey there, lady, spare some money? Or a bit o' Jet fuel even?
107 Fannie, you look like hell. Why don't you lay off the Jet for a while?
108 I think you've enjoyed enough of my charity, and it didn't seem to help you at all.
109 You've had enough for now.
110 Why don't you just sleep it off?
111 Jet's the only thing that makes me fly. ./~Come fly with me ./~ Give me a little something special, won'tcha?
112 Oh, you're just full of great ideas now, aren't you. Well, I don't need you. Plenty of people still want to pay for Fannie's charms. If you won't give me money for Jet, then just get out of my sight.
113 I have something that should cure you of that reliance on Jet.
114 Find yourself another sucker, Fannie. Goodbye.
115 You're going to kill yourself if you keep on this way. I don't want to watch you do that. Goodbye.
116 Ain't you a sight.
117 Fannie don't flop for no morons.
118 Come back with some money and maybe Fannie can learn you something.
119 You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, are ya?
120 You're 'bout as smart as bait. Ain't ya?
121 A cure? What, are you crazy? Do I look like I want to be cured? You want to make me feel better, sugar? Give me some more Jet.
122 Well, I guess just a little more to get you by wouldn't hurt. Here's some Jet.
123 You've already had more than enough Jet. Last thing I need to do is watch another Jet reliant. Goodbye.
124 If I had any Jet, I'd be using it myself. Goodbye.
125 Yeah, that's what I need. Oh yeah. What a rush. Mmmmm...
126 Uh, well, I guess I'll just let you enjoy yourself now. Goodbye.
127 Sounds like you're really Jetted-up, now. I'll see you around. Goodbye.
128 Hey there, sailor. Come here often? You come here to visit with Fannie Mae?
129 Hello, sister. Looking for work?
130 Uh, yeah. I'm here to visit you.
131 Work? What kind of work?
132 Uh, I was just looking around. Goodbye.
133 Well, aren't you sweet. Acting so bashful and all. It's going to cost you $60 for a visit with me, sugah.
134 Maybe you'll last a bit longer this time, honey. You'll get more of your $60 worth that way.
135 Nice and slow, baby. I'll show you a real nice time for your $60.
136 $60, huh? Sounds like a good price to me. Here's my money.
137 Thanks for the offer, but maybe another time would be better. Goodbye.
138 $60? I don't think I want to visit you if it's going to cost that much. Goodbye.
139 You've been so nice to me. I felt that you really meant something when you did that. (sob) I sure wish it was like that all the time.
140 Well, when you're with me, it is.
141 You sure know how to talk the talk.
142 I don't want to do this anymore. Me an my fella' are going to get away from here and live life straight. Just as soon as I can pay off Lou.
143 Pay off Lou?
144 Hey, I gave you money already. What are you talking about?
145 Yeah, well...I owe Lou some money and I can't leave until I pay her off. But as soon as I do (sniff) I'm going to take my beau and get myself as far away from this life as I can. If I could only raise a little extra dough.
146 How much extra money do you need to pay off Lou?
147 Can't your boyfriend help you out of debt?
148 That's a sad story, but you should have the money you need soon enough. As long as you keep your back to the mattress, that is. Goodbye.
149 All I need now is $200 and I'm in the clear. My man and I are out of here clean and free. No more strange, grubby, people pawing at me all day and night. Uh, I didn't mean no offense.
150 None taken. I don't really paw, do I? Anyhow, I could pay your way out of here. Here's $200.
151 Sounds sad, alright. Well, I guess you'd better get busy then. Goodbye.
152 Oh thank you,thank you. I didn't think that there was anyone this kind outside of my dreams. You're the best. Thanks again. Hey, want a freebie? On the house?
153 Why sure, Fannie. I think I'll take you up on that offer.
154 That's not really necessary, Fannie. Just use the money to get yourself out of this life. Goodbye.
155 He really wants to, but he's just barely getting by as a miner. We keep hoping he'll make a big strike but that hasn't happened yet. And last week a beam fell on him and broke his leg, so he can't work. Now I have to give him what little money I can spare 'til he gets better.
156 Sounds as though you two have had some bad luck. How much did you say you need?
157 Thanks again. I can't wait to tell my guy. We'll be out of here as soon as his leg heals up.
158 That was quite a thank you, Fannie. I just better get myself out of here while I can still walk. You're welcome. Goodbye.
159 It'll be a loss to the profession to see you go, Fannie. Goodbye.
160 Hey there. You want to spend some time with Fannie?
161 Didn't I give you some money so you could stop doing this?
162 Sure, sounds good to me. Good thing I caught you before you left.
163 Well, yes...but it turns out that I owe Lou more than I thought.
164 How much more?
165 I've heard enough of this. Goodbye.
166 Uh, I know, and I'm real grateful...but I guess I owed Lou more than I thought. I need more money.
167 I can't believe it! How much more money do you need to get out of this?
168 Well, you've got all you're going to from me. Good bye.
169 That's okay, baby. You've already helped enough. (sniff) I only need another $150, though.
170 Well, I guess if that's all you need. But this is it. I mean it.
171 Yeah, sure. I'm out of here. Goodbye.
172 Hey there, you came back. Looking for a little fun, or did you come back to give me some money for Lou?
173 Just here for some fun this time, Fannie. We'll see how it goes.
174 How much do you need for Lou?
175 Just stopping by, Fannie. Goodbye.
176 Always nice to get some repeat business. For you, I'll even change the sheets.
177 You sure know how to make a guy feel special. Thanks.
178 Uh, I think I've changed my mind. See you around, Fannie. Goodbye.
179 You know, back-floppin' work. With looks like yours, I bet you could make a good living.
180 You know, back-floppin' work. Even the way you look, you could make some money. Those miners ain't too particular, ya know.
181 You think so? Hmm, maybe I should.
182 I don't think that's for me. Goodbye.
183 Well it shore helps if'n your nose ain't to keen. Those miners ain't too fond of soap and water.
184 Really? Maybe this isn't for me after all. Thanks for the offer, though. Goodbye.

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