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100 You see a burly female miner.
101 You see Blasphemous Bette, a miner for the Morningstar Mine.
102 You see a well-muscled woman bristling with confidence.
103 Caminetto, your Kokoweef miners are all show and no go.
104 I'll show you where to go, Blasphemous Bette.
105 You couldn't show me where to go with a roadmap.
106 Just 'cause I wouldn't wanna get that close to ya.
107 Don't flatter yourself, you little runt.
108 You'd be lucky to get a runt instead of that drilling machine you normally use.
109 Well, at least my drill lasts more than thirty seconds.
110 No wonder the Morningstar's machinery is always breaking down.
111 I'll show you broken down, with my fists!
112 Your fists? Your breath is bad enough.
113 I don't know how you could smell that over your own 3-week stink.
114 Stink? Hell, looking at you causes me enough pain.
115 You don't know nuthin' about pain, but I'll teach you something.
116 You teach me?
117 Yeah, that's right. 'Cause your momma sure didn't.
118 You talkin' about my momma now? Ain't that creative.
119 I'll do a better job of creating a new face for you. That old one sure ain't much to look at.
120 You and what army?
121 Just me. That's all it's gonna take. But I bet us Morningstars can take you wimpy Kokoweefs anytime.
122 I don't think so. Kokoweef rules the roost here. I'm gonna have to learn you that.
123 Gonna be hard for you to do that when I beat you unconscious.
124 Think you might get lucky then, huh?
125 I don't need luck to pound you flat.
126 You're gonna pound me with your fat? Uh oh, now I *am* scared.
127 Put up or shut up, you little shrimp.
128 Come get some, you hag.
129 Now who's hoping to get lucky?
130 That's it, I'm gonna take you out for that one.
131 Who the hell is this watching us?
132 Someone new. Hey, this is a private matter! Let's get 'em!
133 Fer once I agree with you. Get 'em!
134 Who's gonna mine the gold now, huh, asshole?
135 I could use a fucking vacation.
136 I gotta share this crappy jail with that jerk?
137 Caminetto, your fucking days are numbered.
138 Kiss your ass goodbye for this.
139 Get me the fucking hell out of here!
140 Hey, fuckwit, let me out of here!
141 Hey, Sheriff; I'll blow you if you let me out.
142 Next time I'll settle your fucking hash.
143 What the hell are you looking at?
144 What do you want, dipshit?
145 I'm not going to let you fight each other.
146 I was just wondering what's going on here.
147 There's a bunch of shit in this bar and me and my Morningstar miners are gonna shovel it out into the street. The biggest turd even has a name - Caminetto.
148 Why? What started it?
149 I see. Well, I can't let you do that. You have to break it up now.
150 Just look at their sorry-ass, limp-dicked selves. Who wouldn't want to stomp them flat?
151 That's not good enough. I can't let you fight.
152 Well, that seems like a problem, all right. I don't blame you. Good luck.
153 What the hell are you going to do about it, you goddamn shit-heel?
154 I'll kill the first person to throw a punch.
155 I'm just going to ask you real nice like. Then I'm going to load up my weapons and wait for some target practice.
156 The Sheriff asked me to help him out while he's laid up with a bum leg. I've got to keep my word to him.
157 Yeah? That Marion's kinda cute. Okay, for him I'll give those Kokoweef pansies a rain-check for an ass-kicking.
158 Thanks. I was hoping you'd see things that way. Goodbye.
159 Don't you think you're some kind of shit-hot asphalt cowboy. I don't think I like your fucking attitude.
160 You don't have to like it. You're going to walk with me to the Jail or I'm gonna drag your corpse there. Your choice.
161 Oh, I'm sorry. I certainly didn't mean to be rude. I'll be leaving now. Goodbye.
162 Yeah? Well, I tell you what. I'll go if you jail that asswipe Caminetto, too.
163 You're not in a position to make deals.
164 That's not a bad idea. Putting some bars between the two of you should cool things off a bit. Come along, you two.
165 Are you suffering from a cranial-rectal inversion? If you try anything we'll all jump you just for a warmup. Then there's gonna be blood. Think the Sheriff'll like the job you're doin' then?
166 No, I guess he wouldn't.
167 Doesn't matter to me. It won't be *my* blood that's spilled.
168 Well, maybe I could use a fucking rest. I've been working my goddamn ass off lately. (to the others) Break it up, gang. I'll be back at work tomorrow.
169 Good choice.
170 Don't worry; I'm bringing Caminetto along to keep you company. Right, Caminetto?
171 You just don't fucking get it, do you? You try to mix it up with us and both me and that weasel-dick Caminetto are gonna lay into you.
172 Then I'll just have to jail both you and Caminetto.
173 Then I'll just have to kill both you and Caminetto.
174 Hmm, I think I'm needed in another part of town. Right away. Goodbye.
175 I guess you're brighter than you look. But then you must be; you're standing erect. Just run on home to mommy and say there wasn't anything you had enough guts to do.
176 That's it. I've had enough of your mouth. One last chance: Go quietly or I'll tear you apart.
177 Maybe I'll do that. I sure don't want to hurt anyone. Goodbye.
178 I see how this is going, you little piece of shit. OK, You can take me in, and Caminetto too. (to Caminetto) Right, my little fuckface?
179 That's more like it.

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