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100 You see a balding man in a lab coat.
101 You see Tom Murray, the head of the Atomic Energy Commission.
102 You see a very nervous old man in a pristine lab coat.
103 My machine! My beautiful machine gone. (Sob, sob.)
104 We're doomed.
105 Without the computer online the reactor will meltdown!
106 I can't even swim.
107 Maybe I can fix it�.
108 What's the alarm ringing about?
109 What's going on here?
110 Don't panic, anyone. DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
111 OK, stay calm.
112 Maybe this is just a drill.
113 Get back to the detention level.
114 You really can tell the difference.
115 Your forehead is quite beetling.
116 Your cranial capacity isn't quite up to snuff is it?
117 If you're good, I'll make sure you get a cracker when you get back to your cell.
118 You there, you're not supposed to wear that stuff in here.
119 I'll wear my armor wherever I want to.
120 Oh, sorry, sir. I'll be going then.
121 You will, huh? Well, I'll just have to report you then.
122 Go ahead. Make my day.
123 Oh, please don't do that. I'm leaving now. Goodbye.
124 I'm Tom Murray, head of the Atomic Energy Commission. I control our atomic powerplant here. Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?
125 What the hell do you want now?
126 I need to shut down your atomic reactor.
127 I was just curious as to how your reactor works.
128 I need to exterminate you.
129 Help! Help me! Help!
130 Intruders! Alert!
131 Run for your lives! The primitives are loose!
132 Guards! Heeeeeeelllllp!
133 Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
134 Shut it down? Are you crazed? You're not going to shut down *my* reactor.
135 Yes, I am. You better tell me how, or I'll shut you down, permanently.
136 Did I say shut down? I'm sorry, I just wanted to know how your reactor works.
137 Oh, it's yours? I'm sorry, I didn't realize that. Well, Goodbye then.
138 Here, I tell you what. I'll do it for you. But if you try to shut it down too fast it'll overheat.
139 I don't care about that. Just shut down the reactor, or I'll gut you like a fish.
140 That sounds dangerous. Well, OK, just forget it. Goodbye.
141 You're bluffing. You wouldn't dare.
142 Yes, I would. If you don't help me, you're a dead man.
143 I tried to let you cooperate, but you wouldn't do it. Oh well, can't let you sound the alarm.
144 Hey, I was just kidding. How does your reactor work anyway?
145 Yeah, I guess you're right. You better just keep quiet for a while after I'm gone though. Goodbye.
146 Okay, okay. I'll do it. Just take it easy now. But I'm telling you - it's going to overheat as soon as I put the containment rods down. If we perform a crash shutdown like this we'll have to scram the whole reactor-or we better learn to speak Chinese.
147 Yeah, whatever. Just shut the damn thing down right now!
148 That sounds dangerous. Maybe I better look for another way. I sure don't want to hurt anything here. Goodbye.
149 I'm not going to risk the lives of everyone here. No way.
150 I'm sorry to hear that. I guess I'll have to kill you then. Nothing personal.
151 How would that risk everyone's life? How does your reactor work anyway?
152 I guess I'll just have to find another way to shut down the power. You better not make any noise after I'm gone. Goodbye.
153 You got it. Okay, uh, slide this to green. (He fiddles with a control panel for a few minutes while he mutters to himself.) Okay, you got it, but it sure isn't going to stay stable for very long.
154 You did the right thing. Now, I've got to be going. You better just keep quiet in here for a while.
155 Good job. Now, I've got to kill you. Sorry, but I can't leave any witnesses.
156 I've got to be going. Goodbye.
157 I don't control that much of the reactor's operation. The central computer just north of the reactor controls most of the powerplant functions. If that weren't there, we'd have no power at all.
158 No power at all?
159 Well, not enough for much. The lights, life-support, and defenses would work for a while but forcefields and other power intensive devices would be shut down immediately.
160 Sounds as though you'd really be crippled.
161 Well, it wouldn't be good. All kinds of watertight security doors close when that happens. No way in the world to open them once they're closed by the power shut-off. That's a safety feature.
162 Interesting. There's something else I wanted to know though.
163 That's all I need to know. Thanks you've been a big help. You just better keep quiet after I leave.

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