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100 You see a trooper wearing Enclave power armor.
101 You see Sergeant Granite.
102 You see a trooper with sergeant's chevrons on his shoulder.
103 Let's get that lunatic.
104 Yeah, lemme at 'im!
105 Lock and load. Let's go!
106 Ready to rock.
107 Let's take that freak down!
108 Slag 'im.
109 I'm good to go.
110 Let's rock!
111 I'm gonna light that freak up!
112 I don't take to killing idjits.
113 You can go.
114 I didn't see nuthin'.
115 These are not the droids we are looking for.
116 Move along.
117 I'm tired of the killing.
118 Go on, get!
119 Stand easy, lads.
120 Watch yourself out there, mutie.
121 Good luck, mutant. You're gonna need it.
122 Halt! What are you doing here?
123 I'm trying to get back to my people.
124 None of your business.
125 I don't have time for your questions.
126 Just who are you?
127 Well, you know that freak, Agent Horrigan, just stormed past here. He's waiting for someone to try and make a break for it.
128 Who's that?
129 I think you're wrong on that one. Let's just say I'm making it my business. Now, just what the hell are you doing here?
130 I'm trying to get back to the boat so I can escape with my tribe.
131 Well, you just better make time.
132 Why? What do you mean?
133 I don't make time. I make corpses and you're next.
134 Have it your way, but don't say we didn't try to warn ya.
135 Warn me? About what?
136 Yeah, I'm warned all right. Time to die, Enclave scum.
137 He's some genetically engineered freak is what he is. Used to be the president's bodyguard. Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan. Now he's more than half machine.
138 Sounds like bad news.
139 I've killed worse than that. He'll just be another stain in a few minutes.
140 Gee, you've got me shaking in my boots. Shut up.
141 Oh, that he is, and worse. He's going to mop the floor with you. He's tough, fast, and just plain mean. I've seen what he likes to do to mutants and it ain't pretty.
142 I'm not a mutant and�uh, what did he do?
143 I don't like to talk about it. It gives me nightmares. Let's just say that those walls aren't covered with *rust* exactly.
144 Sounds like I'm going to have a hard time getting past him.
145 That's the understatement of the year. I pity ya, pal, really do.
146 Pity me? You should feel bad for yourself. Your powerplant's control computer got fried and now you're headed for a meltdown. You're all dead men unless�
147 I don't need your pity. I just need you to die.
148 I've got things to do. You're all dead men anyway. Try to enjoy your last few minutes on this earth. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Goodbye.
149 Unless what?!?
150 Unless you help me get past Horrigan to get to my ship.
151 Never mind. I don't have time to discuss this. Goodbye.
152 Oh, yeah. Tell me another one. If the reactor's scragged how come the light's are still on? Huh, smartie? Heh, heh, tell me another one.
153 That's just the *emergency* lighting. Hey, I saw where the computer *was.* It's not broken, it's *gone.* I'm telling you, you're all goin' down for the count unless�.
154 I don't have time to argue about this any more. Hope you're all strong swimmers. Goodbye.
155 Don't you tell a pretty story. You make me laugh. Y'know, I think you might even last over the one-minute mark with Horrigan. That'd be a new record. Good luck, mutie.
156 Gee, aren't you generous. I better warm up first. On you and your squad.
157 You better hope that armor floats. Goodbye.
158 Okay, okay. I can't talk for everyone, but my squad and I will do our best to help you put that freak Horrigan away for good. I don't wanna drown like no rat.
159 Good thinking. Let's go get him. We've got to get out of here.
160 Sergeant Granite of EC Company.
161 EC Company?
162 Enclave Control Company. We're responsible for perimeter defense, *usually* that is.

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