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100 You see a researcher.
101 You see a member of the Enclave's scientific staff.
102 You see a member of the United States Chemical Corps.
103 I sure wish these results made sense.
104 This is crap!
105 This data's consistent.
106 These points give a good curve.
107 What's the standard deviation?
108 I'm waiting for these compounds to equilibrate.
109 This spectrometer is fucked up.
110 Where's the maintenance crew when you need them?
111 I just calibrated the IR-spectrometer.
112 How did the recrystalization go?
113 The synthesis is complete, doctor.
114 Excellent work.
115 The Project is going according to plan.
116 Excellent results here.
117 What now?
118 Radiation is really going to screw up my work.
119 Just another drill.
120 I can't leave my work now.
121 I'll never make it to a shelter.
122 I feel a little queasy.
123 How do they expect me to work with no power?
124 This is really going to fuck up my experiment.
125 This is too much.
126 They really ought to warn us when they're going to test the emergency systems.
127 My lungs are burning.
128 I can't see! Who turned out the lights?
129 (Cough, hack, cough)
130 (Splutter, cough)
131 My throat's bleeding!
132 My eyes are on fire!
133 I feel sick.
134 I'm getting too weak to stand here.
135 Ohhhh nooooooo.
136 I can see the light�I'm coming mother.
137 I don't see anyone.
138 Must be another security drill.
139 Don't those troopers ever get tired of these drills?
140 Not again - that's the second time this month.
141 I've had it up to here with those jar-heads.
142 They just *have* to feel important.
143 What a waste of time.
144 As though there'd be an intruder here.
145 Yeah, where'd an intruder come from anyway?
146 Like we wouldn't see an intruder approaching.
147 Another alarm malfunction. Great.
148 I don't have time for this shit.
149 What do you want?
150 Can't you see I'm working here?
151 Go away. I'm busy.
152 Don't you have anything better to do?
153 I don't recall asking for any test subjects.
154 What the hell do you want?
155 Bugger off.
156 Go pester someone else.
157 Yes?

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