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100 You see a glum person in a vault suit.
101 You see a prisoner from Vault 13.
102 You see a very pale person wearing a Vault 13 vault suit.
103 You see a member of your tribe.
104 You see a fellow tribemember.
105 You see a member of your tribe, they don't look well.
106 This place is too rusty to be a vault.
107 I think I can hear the ocean.
108 Have you talked to Martin Frobisher?
109 You should talk to Martin.
110 Martin's our spokesman, you should talk to him.
111 Mr. Frobisher is in the first cell.
112 They don't even have any entertainment tapes here.
113 I demand to talk to someone about the food quality.
114 Great, now they threaten us with strange savages.
115 Did you escape?
116 How did you get out?
117 You sound like the Chosen One.
118 Are you- are you the Chosen One?
119 You should talk to the Elder.
120 The Elder said you would save us!
121 Have you talked to the Elder yet?
122 The Elder's in the first cell. You should talk to her.
123 Talk to the Elder.
124 Free us!
125 Get us out of here.
126 I can't take these walls anymore.
127 I yearn to feel the wind on my face once more.
128 Free us, Chosen One!
129 The Chosen One is here!
130 Set us free!
131 Do what the Elder told you to.
132 Get us out before the evil spirits come back again!
133 Please help us, Chosen.
134 Thank the gods, the Chosen One has come at last.
135 Help us
136 Free us
137 You're here,
138 You know what to do, so go do it!
139 Get going!
140 Get us out of here.
141 Shut off the power!
142 Free us.
143 Go, get us out of here!
144 Please help us!
145 You're our only hope!
146 Please, I can't take this much longer.
147 I don't want any more medicine. No, no. Nooooooo!
148 Spirits protect us!
149 Where are the spirits when you need them?
150 Help us!
151 Free us!
152 I want to go home.
153 First drought and now this.
154 No more needles, no more!
155 I can't take it! The walls are closing in on me!
156 (Sob, sob)
157 Let my people go!
158 Elder guide us.
159 How did we offend these evil spirits?
160 I don't much care for this.
161 Where's Martin?
162 This isn't a vault at all.
163 Get us out of here!
164 Hello? Hello!
165 I insist upon being freed.
166 I'm a United States citizen and I demand to see who's in charge.
167 Let me out.
168 This is so boring.
169 No more medicine. I can't take it anymore.
170 They can't keep us here forever.

Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.

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