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100 You see a person in powered armor.
101 You see an Enclave trooper.
102 You see a person in very advanced-looking powered armor.
103 Who goes there?
104 Move on.
105 What are you looking at?
106 Move along.
107 No loitering.
108 I'll put you on report.
109 Get back to work.
110 Do you have clearance for this section?
111 Can't park it here, bub.
112 Keep on keeping on.
113 Button up.
114 This is no drill, repeat, no drill.
115 Start containment procedues.
116 Get yourself into a clear area. Now!
117 We've got a hazardous situation here.
118 You better get yourself to cover.
119 Didn't you notice the alarm?
120 Rads or toxins, what a great day.
121 Some days it don't pay to get out of bed.
122 Every inspection's a parade.
123 I love my work.
124 Did you hear something?
125 My feet are *killing* me.
126 So, did you hear the one about the new second louie?
127 Nothing ever happens here anyway.
128 I sure wish something exciting would happen.
129 I hear that the Vice-President's real sick, as in the head.
130 You aren't asleep are you?
131 Radio check. Check , check. You reading me?
132 (Yawwwwn)
133 Hey, poker game tonight. Man, do I feel lucky too.
134 Stay alert people.
135 Keep sharp.
136 This is no drill.
137 Get the civilians to safety.
138 Check the perimeter.
139 All units report in.
140 They're close, I can sense it.
141 Stay frosty, people.
142 We've got a job to do here.
143 You bet, sarge.
144 Yes, sir.
145 Section B, all clear.
146 Corridor clear.
147 Returning to duty station.
148 Bravo team reporting in.
149 Gamma team reporting in.
150 ./~Shines the name, shines the name, shines the name of Rodger Young ./~
151 Awright, who's smacking gum into the headset?
152 Stop stompin' those grapes.
153 ./~ Jody's home now, smokin' grass ./~ Jody's pumpin' your wife's�./~
154 ./~ Sound off, 1-2-3-4, bring it on down ./~
155 Level 2, all clear.
156 Sector 7, clear.

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