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100 You see a person in a vault suit.
101 You see a citizen of the Enclave.
102 You see a pale but healthy looking citizen.
103 Might as well rest a bit.
104 Wonder what the safety movie is tonight?
105 What are you?
106 The weather's always the same here.
107 The Project is proceeding well.
108 It's a shame about Vice-President Bird.
109 My next shift isn't for a few hours yet.
110 God bless America.
111 The Project is our salvation.
112 I'm sure glad I'm not on the mainland.
113 Just another drill.
114 What's all that racket?
115 That's the reactor alarm.
116 Uh, oh.
117 Better find some Rad-X, again.
118 That thing's always breaking down.
119 I feel sunburnt.
120 Is it getting hotter in here?
121 This isn't good.
122 Shit, shit, shit.
123 Where's my breather mask?
124 Something smells funny.
125 I don't feel too good.
126 The air burns my throat.
127 Man, do I have some nasty heartburn.
128 My lungs are on fire.
129 I think I need a breathe of fresh air.
130 Is it getting darker in here?
131 So sleepy, must rest.
132 I think I'll just sit down for a bit.
133 Another drill?
134 I thought I heard gunfire.
135 Hey, who're you?
136 Halt! Who goes there?
137 I get so tired of these drills all the time.
138 Yeah, like I'd recognize an intruder.
139 Don't worry about it.
140 The troopers will take care of us.
141 Where's a trooper when you need one?
142 I just need to stay calm - stay calm.
143 I'll never finish this.
144 I'd sure rather be somewhere else.
145 That terminal operator was kind of cute.
146 This doesn't make sense.
147 I'm underpaid for this.
148 I'm doing everyone else's work.
149 Why don't people do what they're supposed to?
150 Just hit a terminal if it doesn't work-fixes 'em every time.
151 This pong game is cool. Hope nobody catches me.

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