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100 Happy New Year's Day!
101 Happy Valentine's Day!
102 Happy All Fool's Day!
103 Happy Ship Day!
104 Happy Independence Day!
105 Happy Halloween!
106 Happy Thanksgiving Day!
107 Merry Christmas!
200 MORE
201 BACK
203 No current tasks.
207 DATA
210 Status
211 DATA
212 of
213 Page
214 DONE
215 You cannot rest at this location!
301 Hit Points
302 Rest for ten minutes
303 Rest for thirty minutes
304 Rest for an hour
305 Rest for two hours
306 Rest for three hours
307 Rest for four hours
308 Rest for five hours
309 Rest for six hours
310 Rest until morning (0800)
311 Rest until noon (1200)
312 Rest until evening (1800)
313 Rest until midnight (0000)
314 Rest until healed
315 Rest until party is healed
400 Vault 13 Holodisk
401 Military Base Outside
402 Military Base Level 1
403 Military Base Level 2
404 Military Base Level 3
405 Military Base Level 4
406 Sierra Depot Exp. Log
407 Sierra Depot Medical Log
408 Sierra Depot Evac. Notice
409 Sierra Depot GNN Transcript
410 Sierra Mission Statement
411 Hubologist Teachings
412 Vault City Desginer Notes
413 Vault City Travel Log
414 NCR Spy Holodisk
415 NCR History Holodisk
416 Westin Holodisk
417 State of the Nation
418 Word List
419 The Project
420 Power Plant Operations
500 InterPlay Logo
501 Intro
502 Elder Speech
503 Vault Suit Recovery
504 Arroyo Failure
505 Arroyo Destroyed
506 Starting the Car
507 Family Cartucci
508 Deathclaw Leader
509 Tanker to Derrick
510 Prisoners in Enclave
511 Derrick Exploding
512 Arroyo Dream 1
513 Arroyo Dream 2
514 Arroyo Dream 3
515 Arroyo Dream 4
516 Credits
600 Status
601 Clues
602 Automaps
603 Archives
604 Alarm Clock
605 Doo da doo da dum dee dee doodly doo dum dum dum doo da doo da doo da doo da doo da doo da doo
606 Welcome to the Rob Co Pipboy 2000.
607 So long.
608 Wake up.
700 Vault 13
701 Calm rebel faction.
702 Destroy the Mutant leader.
703 Destroy the source of the Mutants.
704 Find the Water Chip.
705 Find the Water Thief.
710 Buried Vault
720 Shady Sands
721 Cure Jarvis of Radscorpion Poison.
722 Make Poison Antidote.
723 Rescue Tandi from the Raiders.
724 Stop the Radscorpions.
730 Junktown
731 Help Saul.
732 Kill Killian.
733 Rescue Sinthia.
734 Save Trish.
735 Stop Gizmo.
736 Bust the Skulz gang.
740 Raiders
750 Necropolis
751 Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed.
752 Fix the Necropolis water pump.
760 Hub
761 Destroy Deathclaw.
762 Dispose of Jain.
763 Dispose of merchant.
764 Find the missing caravans.
765 Steal necklace from the Merchants.
770 Brotherhood
771 Become an Initiate.
772 Rescue Initiate from the Hub.
780 Military Base
790 Glow
791 Disarm Traps for the Facility.
792 Turn on power for the Glow.
800 Boneyard
801 Become a Blade.
802 Deliver Locket for Romero.
803 Deliver package from the Gun Runners.
804 Find Children spy in the Followers.
805 Fix hydroponic farms in Adytum.
806 Rescue Jason Zimmerman.
807 Stop the Gangs from attacking Adytum.
810 Cathedral
1000 VAULT 13 HOLO by Ziggy
1001 **END-PAR**
1002 This holodisk gives the location of Vault13. The
1003 location has been marked on your map.
1004 **END-DISK**
2000 To: CHQ
2001 Our team of scientists has finished testing the sample
2002 obtained from the base. It has been confirmed as 99%
2003 pure. You can expect the sample to arrive shortly. As
2004 expected the worker population has mutated rapidly once
2005 exposed to the pure source. Heavy, but acceptable losses
2006 are reported. I've ordered the evacuation of the base.
2007 As soon as the last person is out, we'll blow the
2008 entrance to the base and seal the bastards in.
2010 Colonel Sanders
2011 **END-DISK**
3000 This is Captain Pickard reporting at checkpoint 1.
3001 Contact with checkpoints 2 & 3 has been cut off. We
3002 can only assume the worst. The monsters are swarming
3003 up the mineshafts. All efforts to delay them have
3004 failed. We'll try to hold them at this position as long
3005 as we can.
3006 **END-DISK**
4000 Checkpoint 3 is under attack. We have shut down the
4001 mine elevators as a precaution, but I can hear them
4002 coming up the mineshaft. Holy shit! Huge, ugly,
4003 green, creatures are climbing out of the lower levels!
4004 This must be what the brass is after. Some kind of
4005 super soldier. As fast as we shoot them two more climb
4006 out of the mineshaft and the ones we shoot get up and
4007 keep coming at us! We need reinforc_
4008 **END-DISK**
5000 Sergeant Bracks reporting at checkpoint 3. Everything
5001 is normal, just like yesterday and the day before that.
5002 I don't know why the brass has us guarding these
5003 wretched miners. They are so scrawny and weak, they
5004 can barely lift a pickaxe. Anyway, the pencil necks
5005 passed by a while ago with some kind of sample. They
5006 seemed pretty excited by it. Do you know if they found
5007 what they were looking for? Maybe we can finally get
5008 out of this forsaken place. It gives me the creeps.
5009 Hold on a second, another load is coming up the
5010 mineshaft. My god! What are they? They're swarming
5011 our position! Send help! Repeat, this is check point 3
5012 send he_
5013 **END-DISK**
6000 The excavation is going according to schedule. Judging
6001 by the old base blueprints, we should be reaching the
6002 vat area shortly. Increased levels of the FEV virus
6003 are present in both the air and soil samples we've
6004 taken. Luckily our suits filter out the virus. Tell
6005 the members of the Enclave they should have a pure
6006 sample of the mutagen soon.
6007 **END-PAR**
6008 Also, I've begun to notice some changes in the miners.
6009 They seem to be showing signs of increased strength,
6010 stamina and a slight change in skin tone; obvious
6011 signs of mutations by the FEV. The men are getting
6012 nervous, as they too have noticed the change. Although I've
6013 increased the number of guards, I fear if the workers
6014 completely mutate, we'll be vastly outnumbered. It is
6015 my hope, that since we are using the local inhabitants
6016 as a work force, full mutation won't occur
6017 unless they are directly exposed (dipped) in a pure
6018 source or prolonged exposure to the virus occurs. As
6019 you recall, minute amounts of the virus have been
6020 detected throughout this region. Tests on subjects
6021 living in this area have shown that they have built up
6022 a tolerance to the FEV virus. However, I advise
6023 caution since exposure to this level of the FEV virus
6024 was never entered into the calculations. I advise that
6025 you rig the entrance to the base to collapse as soon
6026 as a pure sample is obtained. This will seal the
6027 exposed miners into the base and prevent unfriendlies
6028 from obtaining the virus once we are gone.
6029 **END-DISK**
7000 Sierra Army Depot - R & D
7001 Attending Physician - Dr. H. Lector
7002 Personal Log
7003 **END-PAR**
7004 28-Jun-77
7005 Today the boys in bio storage played a great joke on
7006 me. One of the little pranksters altered the
7007 settings on my Vault-Tec automated organ extractor.
7008 Boy, was I surprised when Private Callow came out of
7009 the operating room without a colon. Good thing he was
7010 dead already or I'd be in trouble. I hardwired
7011 the machine to extract only brains so this wouldn't
7012 happen again. I'll get them back for this.
7013 **END-PAR**
7014 29-Jun-77
7015 I removed Private Callow's liver and cooked it. I
7016 then had it sent down to the boys in bio storage
7017 with fava beans and a nice Chianti. They think it
7018 was a special thank you from the general for a job
7019 well done. I love my job.
7020 **END-PAR**
7021 30-Jun-77
7022 I tried a new chem cocktail of Buffout and Psychos
7023 on one of my patients and mixed with some special
7024 enhancers I've been toying with. The results were
7025 promising, if not messy. The subject became very
7026 violent and managed to break out of his room.
7027 Luckily, the new security robots were in place
7028 and managed to subdue him. I'll have
7029 maintenance come down and replace that door.
7030 **END-PAR**
7031 1-Jul-77
7032 My favorite experiment died. I've been feeding
7033 him a steady diet of Mentats mixed with my
7034 special enhancers. He went from an IQ of 39 to
7035 an IQ of 200 in just a few weeks. I am saddened
7036 since he was one of the few people I could
7037 really talk to. He will be sorely missed.
7038 **END-PAR**
7039 5-Jul-77
7040 We think the new cybernetic brain is finally
7041 ready. We have to run some more tests, but it
7042 looks promising.
7043 **END-PAR**

We have survived by hiding from them, by running from them. But they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors; they are holding all the keys which mean that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.

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