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101 Awareness
102 Bonus HtH Attacks
103 Bonus HtH Damage
104 Bonus Move
105 Bonus Ranged Damage
106 Bonus Rate of Fire
107 Earlier Sequence
108 Faster Healing
109 More Criticals
110 Night Vision
111 Presence
112 Rad Resistance
113 Toughness
114 Strong Back
115 Sharpshooter
116 Silent Running
117 Survivalist
118 Master Trader
119 Educated
120 Healer
121 Fortune Finder
122 Better Criticals
123 Empathy
124 Slayer
125 Sniper
126 Silent Death
127 Action Boy
128 Mental Block
129 Lifegiver
130 Dodger
131 Snakeater
132 Mr. Fixit
133 Medic
134 Master Thief
135 Speaker
136 Heave Ho!
138 Pickpocket
139 Ghost
140 Cult of Personality
141 Scrounger
142 Explorer
143 Flower Child
144 Pathfinder
145 Animal Friend
146 Scout
147 Mysterious Stranger
148 Ranger
149 Quick Pockets
150 Smooth Talker
151 Swift Learner
152 Tag!
153 Mutate!
154 Nuka-Cola Reliance
155 Buffout Reliance
156 Mentats Reliance
157 Psycho Reliance
158 Radaway Reliance
159 Weapon Long Range
160 Weapon Accurate
161 Weapon Penetrate
162 Weapon Knockback
163 Powered Armor
164 Combat Armor
165 Weapon Scope Range
166 Weapon Fast Reload
167 Weapon Night Sight
168 Weapon Flameboy
169 Armor Advanced I
170 Armor Advanced II
171 Jet Reliance
172 Tragic Reliance
173 Armor Charisma
174 Gecko Skinning
175 Dermal Impact Armor
176 Dermal Impact Asslt. Enhance.
177 Phoenix Armor Implants
178 Phoenix Assault Enhancement
179 Vault City Inoculations
180 Adrenaline Rush
181 Cautious Nature
182 Comprehension
183 Demolition Expert
184 Gambler
185 Gain Strength
186 Gain Perception
187 Gain Endurance
188 Gain Charisma
189 Gain Intelligence
190 Gain Agility
191 Gain Luck
192 Harmless
193 Here and Now
194 HtH Evade
195 Kama Sutra Master
196 Karma Beacon
197 Light Step
198 Living Anatomy
199 Magnetic Personality
200 Negotiator
201 Pack Rat
202 Pyromaniac
203 Quick Recovery
204 Salesman
205 Stonewall
206 Thief
207 Weapon Handling
208 Vault City Training
209 Alcohol Raised hit points
210 Alcohol Raised hit points II
211 Alcohol Lowered hit points
212 Alcohol Lowered hit points II
213 Autodoc Raised hit points
214 Autodoc Raised hit points II
215 Autodoc Lowered hit points
216 Autodoc Lowered hit points II
217 Expert Excrement Expeditor
218 Weapon Enhanced Knockout
219 Jinxed
1101 With Awareness, you are given detailed information about any critter you examine. You see their exact hit points and information about any weapon they are equipped with.
1102 You have learned the secret arts of the East, or you just punch faster. In any case, your Hand-to-Hand attacks cost 1 AP less to perform.
1103 Experience in unarmed combat has given you the edge when it comes to damage. You cause +2 points of damage with hand-to-hand and melee attacks for each level of this Perk.
1104 For each level of Bonus Move, you get 2 free APs each turn that can only be used for movement. In other words, you can move 2 free hexes each turn for each level of this Perk.
1105 Your training in firearms and other ranged weapons has made you more deadly in ranged combat. For each level of this Perk, you do +2 points of damage with ranged weapons.
1106 This Perk allows you to pull the trigger a little faster and still remain as accurate as before. Each ranged weapon attack costs 1 AP less to perform.
1107 You are more likely to move before your opponents in combat, since your Sequence is +2 for each level of this Perk.
1108 With each level of this Perk, you get a +2 bonus to your Healing Rate. This is in addition to your normal healing rate, thus you heal faster.
1109 You are more likely to cause critical hits in combat if you have this Perk. Each level of More Criticals gets you an additional +5% chance to cause a critical hit.
1110 With the Night Vision Perk, you can see in the dark better. This will reduce the overall darkness level by 20%.
1111 You command attention by just walking into a room. The initial reaction of another person is improved by 10% for each level of this Perk.
1112 You are better able to avoid radiation and the bad effects radiation causes. Each level of this Perk improves your Radiation Resistance by 15%.
1113 When you are tough, you take less damage. Each level of this Perk adds +10% to your general damage resistance.
1114 AKA Mule. You can carry an additional 50 pounds of equipment for each level of this Perk.
1115 You have a talent for hitting things at longer distances. For each level of this Perk, you get a +2 bonus to Perception for the purposes of determining range modifiers. It's easier than ever to kill at long range!
1116 With this Perk, you now have the ability to move quickly and still remain quiet. You can Sneak and run at the same time. Without this Perk, you would automatically stop Sneaking if you ran.
1117 You are a master of the outdoors. This Perk confers the ability to survive in hostile environments. You get a +25% bonus to Outdoorsman.
1118 You have mastered one aspect of bartering - buying goods far more cheaply than normal. With this Perk, you get a 25% discount when purchasing items from a store or another trader.
1119 Each level of Educated adds +2 skill points when you gain a new experience level. This Perk works best when purchased early in your adventure.
1120 The healing of bodies comes easier to you with this Perk. Each level of this Perk heals 4-10 additional hit points when using the First Aid or Doctor skills.
1121 You have the talent of finding money. You find additional money in random encounters in the desert.
1122 The critical hits you cause in combat are more devastating. You gain a 20% bonus on the critical hit table, almost ensuring that more damage will be done. This does not affect the chance to cause a critical hit.
1123 You have studied other human beings, giving you inside knowledge of their emotional reaction to you. You will see the reaction level of the person you are talking to when involved in an indepth conversation.
1124 The Slayer walks the earth! In hand-to-hand combat all of your hits are upgraded to critical hits, causing destruction and mayhem.
1125 You have mastered the firearm as a source of pain. With this Perk, any successful hit in combat with a ranged weapon will be upgraded to a critical hit if you also make a Luck roll.
1126 While Sneaking, if you hit a critter in the back, you will cause double damage using a hand-to-hand attack. Silent Death is that kind of Perk.
1127 Each level of Action Boy (insert Girl if you wish) gives you an additional AP to spend every combat turn. You can use these generic APs on any task.
1128 Mental Block is the ability to tune out any outside mental interference. You must have learned this talent from a passing guru, or from a really late night at a bar.
1129 With each level of this Perk, you gain an additional 4 Hit Points every time you advance a level. This is in addition to the hit points you already gain per level based off of your endurance.
1130 You are less likely to be hit in combat if you have this Perk. You gain a +5 to your Armor Class, in addition to the AC bonus from any armor worn.
1131 Yum! Tastes like chicken. For each level of this Perk, you gain +25% to your Poison Resistance.
1132 This Perk will give you a one-time bonus of +10% to the Repair and Science skills. A little late night cramming never hurt anybody, especially you.
1133 The Medic Perk gives you a one-time bonus of +10% to the First Aid and Doctor skills. Healing skills are a good thing.
1134 A Master Thief is proficient at stealing and picking locks. You gain +15 to Stealing and Lockpicking. Steal from the rich, and give to you.
1135 Being a Speaker means you have a one-time bonus of +20% to Speech. From the mouth of babes and all that.
1136 Each level of the Heave Ho! Perk gives you an additional +2 to Strength (up to 10,) for purposes of determining range with thrown weapons only. This Perk will not exceed a weapon's maximum range.
1138 You are much more adept at stealing than the normal crook. You can steal with the best of them, because with this Perk, you ignore size and facing modifiers when stealing from a person.
1139 When the sun goes down or you are in a poorly lit area, you move like a ghost with this Perk. Your Sneak skill is enhanced +20% in dark conditions.
1140 Your reputation is always positive to people. Without this Perk, a large negative reputation would have a bad effect on good natured people. This works in the reverse as well. Evil people will even treat Mr. Goodie Good as one of the gang.
1141 You can find more ammo than the normal post-holocaust survivor. This Perk doubles the amount of ammo found in random encounters.
1142 The mark of the Explorer is to search out new and interesting locations. With this Perk, you have a greater chance of finding special places and people.
1143 With this Perk, you are less likely to be reliant to chems (50% less likely, actually), and you suffer half the withdrawal time of a normal person.
1144 The Pathfinder is better able to find the shortest route. With this Perk, your travel time on the World Map is reduced by 25% for each level.
1145 Animals will not attack one of their friends, unless the animal is threatened or attacked first. Exactly what an animal is in this world is open to debate.
1146 You have improved your ability to see distant locations, increasing the size of explorations on the World Map by one square in each direction. You also have a better chance of finding special encounters.
1147 With this Perk, you have gained the attention of a Mysterious Stranger, who will appear to help you from time to time. If your ally is lost in combat, do not expect him (or her) to be replaced.
1148 You gain a +15% toward your Outdoorsman skill. You are more likely to avoid random encounters if you choose, and tend to find those "special" encounters more than most.
1149 You have learned to pack your equipment better. Accessing your inventory only costs you 2 Action Points in Combat instead of 4.
1150 You have learned to increase your dialog options without understanding what you're talking about. Each level of this Perk will increase your Intelligence by one, up to 10, for purposes of dialog only.
1151 You are indeed a Swift Learner with this Perk, as each level gives you an additional +5% bonus whenever you earn experience points. This is best taken early.
1152 Your skills have improved to the point where you can pick an additional Tag Skill. Tag skills increase twice as fast.
1153 The radiation of the wasteland has changed you! One of your Traits has mutated into something else...
1154 You crave another Nuka-Cola.
1155 You've got the shakes.
1156 You feel groggy.
1157 You feel light-headed.
1158 You feel nauseous.
1159 Weapon Long Range
1160 Weapon Accurate
1161 Weapon Penetrate
1162 Weapon Knockback
1163 Powered Armor
1164 Combat Armor
1165 Weapon Scope Range
1166 Weapon Fast Reload
1167 Weapon Night Sight
1168 Weapon Flameboy
1169 Armor Advanced I
1170 Armor Advanced II
1171 Everything is moving so slowly... you need to get some more Jet, right NOW!
1172 You feel a burning desire to open another box of Tragic cards.
1173 Armor Charisma
1174 You have the knowledge of how to skin geckos properly to get their hides.
1175 You have inherent protection against physical attacks.
1176 You have extra inherent protection against physical attacks.
1177 You have inherent protection against energy attacks.
1178 You have extra inherent protection against energy attacks.
1179 You have gained +10% resistance to both poison and radiation.
1180 With this Perk, you gain +1 to your Strength when you drop below 1/2 of your max hit points.
1181 You are more alert outdoors and enemies are less likely to sneak up on you. With this Perk you get a +3 to your perception in random encounters when determining placement.
1182 You pay much closer attention to the smaller details when reading. You gain 50% more skill points when reading books.
1183 You are an expert when it comes to the fine art of handling explosives. They always go off when they're supposed to, as well as causing extra damage.
1184 You can roll with the best of them. You gain +20% to your gambling skill.
1185 With this Perk you gain +1 to your Strength.
1186 With this Perk you gain +1 to your Perception.
1187 With this Perk you gain +1 to your Endurance.
1188 With this Perk you gain +1 to your Charisma.
1189 With this Perk you gain +1 to your Intelligence.
1190 With this Perk you gain +1 to your Agility.
1191 With this Perk you gain +1 to your Luck.
1192 Your innocent demeanor makes stealing from people a little easier. You gain 20% to your Steal skill.
1193 With this Perk you immediately gain one experience level.
1194 If both item slots are empty, each unused action point gives you a +2 instead of +1 towards your armor class at the end of your turn, plus 1/12 of your unarmed skill.
1195 When it comes to pleasing sexually, you wrote the book.
1196 Your Karma shines twice as bright. Whether good or bad, your Karma is doubled for any kind of reaction or modifiers.
1197 You are agile, lucky, and always careful. This perk halves your chances of setting off a trap.
1198 You have a better understanding of living creatures and their strengths and weaknesses. You get a one-time bonus of +10% to Doctor, and you do +5 damage per attack to living creatures.
1199 You get 1 extra slot in your companion limit, but don't forget that more than 5 is always a crowd.
1200 You are a very skilled negotiator. Not only can you barter with the best of them, but you can talk your way into or out of almost anything. With this Perk you gain +10% to both Barter and Speech.
1201 You are efficient at arranging your inventory in general. This makes it much easier to carry that little extra you've always needed.
1202 You do extra damage with fire-based weapons, and enemies always seem to die in the most painful fiery fashion.
1203 You are quick at recovering from being knocked down.
1204 You are an adept salesperson. With this Perk you gain +20% towards your Barter skill.
1205 You are much less likely to be knocked down in combat.
1206 The blood of a thief runs through your veins. With the Thief Perk, you get a one-time bonus of +10% to your Sneak, Lockpick, Steal, and Traps skills. A well rounded thief is a live thief.
1207 You can wield weapons much larger than normally allowed. You gain a +3 to your strength for the purposes of Strength checks when trying to wield weaponry.
1208 You have received the Vault City medical training.
1209 Your hit points have been enhanced a little by repeated drunkeness.
1210 Your hit points have been enhanced a little more by repeated drunkeness.
1211 Your hit points have been lowered slightly by repeated drunkeness.
1212 Your hit points have been lowered slightly by repeated drunkeness.
1217 You can sling bull with the best of them.
1218 Weapon Enhanced Knockout

The treacherous are ever distrustful.

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