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30 Ahh, you're here. Good.
80 We've got a problem. A big one.
117 The controller chip for our water purification system
165 has given up the ghost.
205 Can't make another one and the process is too complicated
250 for a work around system.
290 Simply put, we're running out of drinking water.
355 No water, no Vault.
410 This is crucial to our survival.
470 And frankly, I... I think you're the only hope we have.
560 You need to go find us another controller chip.
615 We estimate we have four to five months
650 before the Vault runs out of water.
695 We need that chip.
735 We marked your map with the location of another Vault.
785 Not a bad place to start I think.
855 Look, just be safe, OK?

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