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100 You see a computer terminal.
101 You see the voice interface terminal.
102 You see a standard computer terminal, modified for voice commands.
103 You examine the computer terminal, but cannot find anything obviously wrong with it. What do you do?
104 Hit it in that 'special' way.
105 Kick it in that 'special' spot.
106 Run the diagnostic program.
107 Open it up and look inside.
108 Leave it alone.
109 You gaze at the console for a while and decide upon the best spot to place a punch. After giving it your best 'this'll fix it' hit, the monitor flashes a couple of times and then stabilizes. There is no other effect. What do you do?
110 Kick it in that 'special' spot.
111 Run the diagnostic program.
112 Open it up and look inside.
113 Leave it alone.
114 This well-known repair method produces two results. First, the monitor seems to go haywire for several seconds and then stabilizes. Second, you hear a breaking metal type of sound and the panel you kicked falls to the floor. What do you do?
115 Run the diagnostic program.
116 Damn thing's open. Might as well look inside.
117 Leave it alone.
118 You are certain that the system should have a set of diagnostic routines available. However, the keyboard input seems to have been disabled. The unit accepts voice commands only. What do you do?
119 The only thing left is to look inside.
120 Leave it alone.
121 Peering into the mass of cables and circuit boards, you find that the system has been deliberately sabotaged. One of the circuit boards, the voice recognition module, is beyond repair and must be replaced. Now all you need to do is find a replacement module.
122 Done.
123 Done.
124 You install the module in the terminal. The system is repaired.
125 The terminal needs a voice recognition module installed before it can become operational.
126 Done.
127 The system is working fine now.
128 Accessing security footage, loading holographic playback...
129 You are the last, Gruthar. The stain of your kind will soon be wiped clean.
130 You tell your so-called President that he will burn for this.
131 Whatever. You were never anything more than a talking animal.
132 That may be, but we were created through your experimentation. Your gave us life!
133 And now I give you death.
134 Take his body. The doctor wanted a specimen.

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