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100 You see a small girl wearing a yellow dress.
101 You see Sandy, the child.
102 You see a small girl wearing a yellow dress with flowers on it. She appears to be meowing like a cat. She has on a name tag that says "Sandy".
103 Meow... meow... I am a cat. And I have special powers that only cats have. What are you?
104 Me doggy! Woof! Woof! Who you?
105 Urrrh? (confused puppy look)
106 You strange. Me gone.
107 I'm the person that's gonna kick your ass if you don't stop this cat nonsense and tell me your name.
108 I'm just a normal person who is quite impressed with your special nature. Can you tell me your name?
109 Never mind.
110 (Giggles) You look funny! Meow... I'm Sandy. I'm not really a cat. I just like to play like I am.
111 (Screams) Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
112 I'm Sandy. I'm not really a cat, I just like to play.
113 Me play too. Me ask you questions?
114 Me leave now.
115 I see. Can I ask you some questions?
116 Okay, I'm history.
117 What do you want to ask me?
118 You forced stay here?
119 You like be here?
120 You safe here?
121 Never mind. Me leave.
122 Are you forced to stay here?
123 Do you like it here?
124 Are you safe here?
125 Never mind. Bye
126 Yeah. My mom always tells me where I can and can't go. She tells me where I can play and when to eat and when to go to bed and when to go potty and when to go to school and everything. I don't think it's fair that she can do anything she wants but I've gotta do what she says all the time.
127 Ok.
128 Me got leave now.
129 I see.
130 I think I've heard enough for now. Bye.
131 I guess. I miss not having other kids to play with but Mom says that will change some day. She thinks other kids will come to live here. Until they do I like to play with Valdis. He's funny and he gives me piggy back rides. Mom says I should leave Valdis alone. He's busy and doesn't have time to play but he always plays with me when I ask him. I just don't tell Mom about it anymore.
132 Piggy... (confused puppy look)
133 Me go.
134 That's nice.
135 Ok, see ya.
136 Yeah. Mommy takes care of me and Valdis wouldn't let anyone hurt me. I'm safe here.
137 Ok. Me go now.
138 Good; I'll be leaving then.
139 Hi.

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