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100 You see a tall, slender man.
101 You see Matt.
102 You see a tall, slender man with short hair and a wild look in his eye. You can feel him staring back at you.
103 Is there something that I can help you with, stranger?
104 Me ask questions?
105 No, wavy.
106 Yes, I'd like to ask you some questions.
107 No, I'll be leaving.
108 What do you want?
109 Who you?
110 You prisoner?
111 Me go now.
112 Who are you?
113 Are you a prisoner here.
114 I'll be leaving now.
115 My name is Matt. Does it matter?
116 Guess not.
117 Humph. Me go.
118 Okay, I'll just leave.
119 Not really.
120 Yes, as a matter of fact I am. I stumbled upon this place and got myself captured by the deathclaws. They give me freedom of movement within the lower levels of the vault, but I can never go to level 1 where the exit is.
121 Why?
122 Okay.
123 Me outta here.
124 Why?
125 I see.
126 I'll be going now.
127 Because, unlike the rest of the sheep who live here, I recognize them as a threat to humanity. They know that if I get out of here I will see to it that they are wiped off the face of the earth! Look: They can think for themselves, they can learn, they can read and even write if they dip a claw in ink. They are fast, tough, perceptive, and deadly. If their numbers grow large enough, they will be the greatest threat that the human race could ever face. Think about it. They need to be eliminated!
128 Hmm. You make sense.
129 Me think you wrong.
130 I realize that they are a potential threat, but I trust them.
131 You do have a point. What should we do?
132 Alone I don't stand a chance, but together we can fight our way out of here. How about it?
133 Yes.
134 No.
135 Arrgh! You're a fool to trust them. If you change your mind come back and get me.
136 Bye.
137 Have you changed your mind? Will you help me get out of here?
138 Yes.
139 No.
140 You seem to have bought yourself a shit storm!
141 Me not here about escape. Me here because someone break computer. You do?
142 I'm not here to talk about escape plans. Someone sabotaged the mainframe computer interface. Know anything about that?
143 You seem to have bought yourself a shit storm!
144 Yeah. I destroyed the voice module and then I disabled all keyboard input.
145 Why?
146 With the mainframe offline the vault will eventually shut down. Without food or water the deathclaws will be forced to begin raiding human lands for their needs. Eventually they will be discovered and their threat to humanity can be dealt with.
147 Others here. They need food, water. You no care about them?
148 What about the others who live here. Aren't you concerned with their fate?
149 Not in the least. They are simply casualties of war.
150 Me go now.
151 Me think me shoot you now.
152 Good job.
153 I see. I'll be going now.
154 I think I'll shoot you now. You are obviously dangerous.

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