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100 You see a deathclaw.
101 You see Kerith, the deathclaw mother.
102 You see a typical deathclaw. The creature is huge, with a powerful body, sharp teeth, and long claws. This one appears to be female but you can not tell with any certainty. You notice the scars of several injuries on her torso.
103 A human visitor is an unexpected but not unwelcome event. I am Kerith.
104 What can I help you with?
105 You D'claw mother?
106 Who D'claw father?
107 Door look like crap. What happen?
108 Who build nest room?
109 Me go now.
110 So, you are the deathclaw mother?
111 Who is the deathclaw father?
112 What happened to the door? It looks like it has seen better days.
113 Who built this hatchery?
114 I'll be leaving now.
115 Yes. I am the current pack mother. After my eggs hatch, the other mothers will have their turn.
116 Okay.
117 Other mothers?
118 I see.
119 There are other mothers?
120 Yes, there are more mothers. Should anything happen to me, one will be chosen to take my place. The pack must survive.
121 Uh, me understand.
122 I understand.
123 These eggs were sired by Gruthar, the pack leader. It is Gruthar who decides who will mate and who will not. The pack will be made strong by Gruthar.
124 Uh, okay.
125 Hmmm. I see. Selective breeding to improve the strain.
126 That is a painful memory. A treacherous human sneaked in here and planted a bomb among the eggs while I was asleep. Fortunately he was not as stealthy leaving and I awoke to find the bomb. There was not enough time to deal with the device properly, so I threw it at the door and placed myself between it and the eggs. The eggs and I survived. The door did not.
127 What happen to human?
128 How get by guard outside?
129 Me got more questions.
130 What happened to the person who did this?
131 How did this person get by the guard outside?
132 I have some more questions.
133 His name is Matt, and he is a prisoner here. Personally, I wanted him dead -- but Gruthar would not allow it. I do not see the wisdom in this, but Gruthar's word is law and he will be obeyed. Should you talk to this human, take care. He can not be trusted!
134 How get by guard outside?
135 Okay.
136 How did this person get by the guard outside?
137 Okay.
138 The guard was added after this incident occurred. We were more trusting back then. Now we are more careful.
139 What happen to human?
140 Me got it.
141 What happened to this person?
142 I see.
143 We built the cave portion, and a human friend installed the door. He got the parts from a settlement north-east of here.
144 That nice.
145 That's nice.
146 Hello again. It is good to see you. What can I help you with?
147 Me just say hello. Me go now.
148 Just saying hi. I'll be going now.

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