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100 You see a deathclaw. It watches you with strangely intelligent eyes.
101 You see Jul, the deathclaw.
102 You see a typical deathclaw. The creature is huge, with a powerful body, sharp teeth, and long claws.
103 Stop. You not go here. This place off limits.
104 Okay. Me go.
105 What this place?
106 Who you?
107 All right, I'll leave
108 I go where I please, lizard breath!
109 What is this place?
110 Who are you?
111 This hatchery. Pack mother inside. Eggs inside. I guard. All of pack guard.
112 Me want talk mother.
113 Who you?
114 Me go now.
115 I'll be leaving then.
116 Who are you?
117 I'd like to speak to the mother.
118 I Jul. Pack warrior. I guard hatchery. I guard mother.
119 Me
120 Me go now.
121 Guard mother important job. You important.
122 I'm
123 Guarding mother is a position of great responsibility. You must be an important pack member.
124 I guess I'll be leaving now.
125 You wait. I ask mother.
126 Okay.
127 Mother say she talk to you. You go in. You not cause trouble. I not want hurt you, but I hurt you bad if you cause trouble.
128 Mother say she talk to you. You go in but you go alone; friends stay here. You not cause trouble. I not want hurt you, but I hurt you bad if you cause trouble.
129 Okay.
130 You think so? I not look at it that way. That make me feel good. I like. Thank you.
131 You welcome. Me go now.
132 Me want talk mother.
133 You're welcome. I've got to go now.
134 May I talk to mother?
135 Lizard breath... Oh, I get it. Ha ha! Now you get this. I guard here because I meanest, toughest, ruthless son of bitch in whole damn vault. Screw with me, you screw with best. You leave here or I rip you head off and make you watch me crap down throat.
136 I'll be going now.
137 Oh yeah? Let's see just how tough you are!
138 It you again. What you want?
139 Me say hi. Me go.
140 Who you say you be?
141 What this place?
142 Just dropped by to say hello.
143 What is this place?
144 Who are you again?
145 You already dead. You just too dumb to fall over.
146 . Me want talk mother.

He's beginning to believe.

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