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100 You see a tall, lanky man with thick glasses.
101 You see Jimmy.
102 You see a tall, lanky man wearing thick glasses. His brow is furrowed in deep thought and he talks to himself as he wanders about the room.
103 Oh, hello there. I'm Jim, or Jimmy. Whatcha up to?
104 Me look around.
105 Me
106 Uh... Me wander about. Me go now.
107 Just looking around.
108 Hi, Jim. I'm
109 None of your business, four eyes. Back off.
110 I'm just wandering about. I'll be leaving now.
111 Feel free to look all you want but please don't touch anything. There's some sensitive equipment in here.
112 Me just look around. Me no touch.
113 I'm just looking around. I won't bother anything.
114 You're annoying. Go away.
115 Hey, sorry. I didn't mean to step on your toes. I'll leave you to your business.
116 Good.
117 It's a pleasure to meet you,
118 What would you like to know?
119 What you do here?
120 What all this machine?
121 Vault have overseer. This overseer room?
122 You here in vault cause you want be?
123 What you think about D'claws?
124 Computer need part. You know where get?
125 Me know enough. Me go now.
126 What do you do here?
127 What's all this machinery for?
128 Isn't this the vault overseer room?
129 Are you here in the vault because you want to be?
130 What do you think about the deathclaws?
131 The computer needs a part. Do you know where I might be able to get it?
132 I think I'll be going now.
133 Well... we're having some computer problems and I'm looking into it. Unfortunately my forte is software, not hardware.
134 What problem?
135 What's the problem?
136 Yes, Gruthar mentioned this to me and asked me to take a look. Do you mind?
137 The voice interface to the mainframe has failed so Gruthar can't give the system instructions for running the vault. The food and water processors have already shut down. The power systems could very well be next.
138 Why you no use keebored?
139 Why not just give it keyboard input?
140 Well, you see, that's the weird part. The system refuses to accept keyboard input. I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point.
141 Okay me look?
142 Mind if I take a look at it?
143 Yes, Gruthar mentioned this to me and asked me to take a look. Do you mind?
144 Well... no offense, but are you sure you're qualified? Oh, never mind. You can't possibly make matters any worse than they already are. Go right ahead.
145 You can't make matters any worse than they already are. Go right ahead.
146 Okay, but me ask more questions first.
147 All right, but I need to ask you a couple of things first.
148 This is a mainframe computer system and related support devices. From here all functions of the vault are remotely controlled.
149 Uh... what you said.
150 Ah, I see.
151 Normally the vault overseer would be stationed here but Vault 13 has been fully automated.
152 Why?
153 Okay, me ask more.
154 Why? I mean, isn't that unusual?
155 I see. Let's change the subject.
156 I don't know the full story but at one point in the vault's history there was a rebellion. The overseer was either killed or overthrown, I'm not sure which. Anyway, the leaders of the revolution didn't want to entrust the fate of the people to another overseer so they installed this mainframe. The records say it was purchased from... oh, what was that name... Ah, I remember, the 'Brotherhood of Steel.'
157 You tell about Brotherhood?
158 Can you tell me anything about this Brotherhood?
159 No, I'm sorry, but I have no information on them. This all happened ages ago and I've never found any references to them other than this one. However, it's my understanding that the Brotherhood was a military outfit and there are some ruins of what appears to be a military base west of here. That may be what's left of them.
160 Ok. Me ask other thing.
161 All right. Let me ask you some other things then.
162 Oh yeah. I've liked it here ever since I stumbled upon the place and I don't really want to leave. I've always been a loner and don't much care for people, no offense intended.
163 Me take none.
164 None taken.
165 Well... In some ways I admire them for what they are and what they are trying to become. In other ways they scare the hell out of me. I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact that they are just as smart as I am... well, some of them are that smart.
166 You think they threat to people?
167 Do you think they are a threat to human society?
168 Oh, absolutely. They are far superior to us physically and they are our equals mentally. That makes them a pretty big threat. However, it all comes down to morals and ethics in the end. Fortunately, they seem to be ethical and morally well developed.
169 Me see.
170 Yeah, I see what you mean.
171 Hi there. It's good to see you again. What can I help you with?
172 Need ask question.
173 Just say hi. Me go.
174 I need to ask you something.
175 Just saying hi.
176 Well, let's see... I suppose the best place to look would be Vault City since they're the most modern place I can think of. You might want to give New Reno a try though. They're closer and they do a lot of trading with Vault City.
177 Thanks.
178 Thanks for fixing the computer. You've saved all our butts.
179 I've got better things to do than shoot the likes of you, but everyone needs a vacation!
180 . Me ask question?
181 . Can I ask you some questions?
182 . I'd be happy to answer some questions.

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