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100 You see a deathclaw. It watches you with strangely intelligent eyes.
101 You see Dar, the deathclaw.
102 You see a typical deathclaw. The creature is huge, with a powerful body, sharp teeth, and long claws.
103 Hello, human.
104 What you want?
105 Hi. Who you?
106 Why you here?
107 You smart like rest?
108 Me bored, me go.
109 Sorry to bother you, but who are you?
110 What is your job at the vault?
111 Please don't take offense, but how educated are you?
112 Well, just passing the time.
113 I Dar, warrior.
114 Ok.
115 You all same. Me leave.
116 Me
117 I see. Well I've got to go now.
118 I'm
119 Got it.
120 Warrior! Ha! That's a good one. Know any more?
121 Dar guard hall and keep peace. Nothing more.
122 Me hear before.
123 Ok.
124 Well, you're doing fine, Dar. Just keep it up.
125 Yeah, I figured as much.
126 Nothing new here. I quess I'll be going.
127 With a face like yours, how can you keep the peace?
128 You not nice. Go away.
129 Not much but I learn. Gruthar -- he leader -- tell us all learn.
130 Elder in village do same me.
131 Ah.
132 Gruthar is right; you should all try to educate yourselves.
133 Got it.
134 So, you're so stupid that someone else has to force you to educate yourself. How nice.
135 Hello. You pack friend.
136 Grrrrrrrrr! Argggggghhhh.
137 .

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