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100 You see a young woman in metal armor.
101 You see Dalia.
102 You see a pretty young woman dressed in metal armor. She watches her surroundings very carefully.
103 Well, I'll be. How are you doing,
104 You Dalia. Me remember you help.
105 Things ok. Me go now.
106 Dalia! Thanks to you, things worked out great.
107 Things are fine, but I've got to go.
108 Hey, I'm glad to hear that. It was my pleasure to do what I could for you. So, what can I help you with?
109 Me got questions.
110 Nothing. Me say hi.
111 I have some questions for you.
112 Nothing. But it's nice to see you again. Bye.
113 What do you want to know?
114 You prisoner.
115 You leave when want?
116 What know about D'claws?
117 How you be here?
118 Why you worry safe?
119 Thanks. Me go.
120 Are you a prisoner here?
121 Can you leave anytime you want?
122 What can you tell me about the deathclaws?
123 How did you come to be here?
124 Why are you worried about needing a place of safety?
125 Thanks. I'll talk at you later.
126 No, I'm not. I'm here of my own free will and I like it. I think this will be a safe place for me to stay for a while.
127 Okay.
128 Bye.
129 All right.
130 I see. Well, I'll be going then.
131 Yeah, I've been told I'm free to go or stay. I'm staying for now.
132 Me see.
133 Okay then.
134 I don't know any more about them than you do, I guess. I'm still trying to get used to them talking to me instead of tearing my head off and using it for a golf ball. It's scary, you know?
135 Yeah, me bothered.
136 Na, me used to it.
137 Yes it is, in a lot of ways.
138 No, I've come to accept it.
139 After I left the Squat I didn't know what to do with myself. I figured I'd just drift into another town and another hired gun job... so I was wandering the desert trying to decide exactly where I should go. Well, one day I was looking for a good place to camp. It was getting late, and I didn't want to be out in the open after dark. Off in the distance a ways, I thought I saw a campfire -- so I decided to see who was there.
140 Wow.
141 That's interesting.
142 When I let you by me in the Squat, I broke my contract with my employer. I was sure that I'd be hunted down and killed because of it. Seeing you here convinces me that I don't have to worry about that. I can only assume that my previous employer is no longer in any condition to be concerned with me or my whereabouts.
143 You safe now. Dalia no worry.
144 You're safe now, Dalia. You'll have no need to worry about any retribution.
145 Thanks,
146 You welcome.
147 Bye.
148 You're welcome.
149 I'll see ya.
150 Hello.
151 Hello again. How's it going?
152 I have no quarrel with you.
153 . I hope everything worked out for you at the Squat.
154 So, I sneak up on this camp site and there are these two deathclaws sitting around the fire just chatting away. Idiot that I am, I let out a little cry of surprise, jumped up, and turned to run -- right into the arms of another deathclaw standing right behind me. Anyway, to make a long story short, it took awhile for me to realize that I wasn't about to be put on a spit and barbecued. Instead, I was brought here and 'interviewed' by Gruthar. Now I can live here if I want.

So, Vicar… Vicky… Can I call you Vicky?

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