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100 You see a short, slender woman wearing a blue velvet sun dress.
101 You see Ariel, the widow.
102 You see a short, slender woman wearing a blue velvet sun dress. She appears to be sad.
103 Hello, I'm Ariel. I don't think I've seen you here before. Who are you?
104 Me
105 Uh... you look sad. Why?
106 Me go now.
107 Hello, Ariel, my name is
108 Hi. You're looking rather down. What's up?
109 You don't need to know my name, but I need some information from you.
110 Sorry. I don't have time for this.
111 It's a pleasure to meet you. What can I help you with?
112 Answer questions?
113 Nothing. Bye.
114 You can't possibly be of any help to me. Bye.
115 I'd like to ask you some questions.
116 I'm sorry to intrude on your solitude, but could you answer some questions?
117 I'm just having some personal problems. It's nothing, really.
118 You talk, me listen. It help.
119 Ok. No talk problem. Answer question?
120 I'm a good listener, Ariel, and talking about whatever is bothering you may just help.
121 Ok. Let's forget the problems for now. Can you answer some questions?
122 Everybody's got problems, woman. Learn to deal with them.
123 Forgive me, but I don't have the time for someone with your attitude. Good-day.
126 All right.
127 What do you want to know?
128 You prisoner?
129 D'claws treat you ok?
130 Want leave?
131 So why sad?
132 How you come here?
133 Got go now.
134 Are you a prisoner here?
135 Are you treated all right by the deathclaws?
136 Would you like to leave the vault?
137 So tell me, Ariel: Why are you so sad?
138 How did you come to be here at the vault?
139 I must be going now.
140 No, I can leave anytime I want. The deathclaws have made that very clear to me. They don't hold anyone here against their will, as far as I know.
141 Uh, okay.
142 Got it. Me go.
143 I see.
144 I think you're lying, bitch.
145 I see. If you don't mind, I need to ask you about a few more things.
146 Yes. They provide me with food, water, shelter, and protection. I feel very safe here, and that's more than I could ask for.
147 Okay. Got go then.
148 Good. Ask more.
149 All right. I need to ask you more.
150 Okay. On to some other stuff, then.
151 Great. A lizard lover.
152 I've considered it, but I would have to say no. I feel safer here than anywhere else I've ever lived. I do get lonely for the company of other people like myself, but hopefully others will come to live here in the future and satisfy that need.
153 Me go. Wavy bye bye.
154 Tell more.
155 Fine, you can rot here for all I care.
156 Okay. I guess I'll go now.
157 You've been very helpful, but I must trouble you for more.
158 My husband recently died. I miss him and I'm having problems adjusting. That's all.
159 Sorry, how happen?
160 Ooops. Got go, hear elder calling.
161 I'm sorry to hear that. How did it happen?
162 Tough break. I'll be seeing ya.
163 Shit happens, people die. Usually when I'm around.
164 I've already told you about the raid. That's when it happened.
165 My husband and I were travelling with a caravan on its way to the New California Republic. We wanted to start a new life for ourselves and our daughter, Sandy. Unfortunately, the caravan was attacked by raiders one night. They were incredibly brutal. They killed everyone: men, women, and children. Rand, my husband, died trying to defend Sandy and me. We were to die next when a miracle occurred.
166 Uh... wow.
167 Glad you, little one, both okay.
168 Me outta here. Bye.
169 Wow. What a story.
170 What a crock of sh... I'm outta here.
171 Thank goodness that you and your daughter are safe.
172 Hello again. How are you?
175 Go away, you bastard! I want nothing to do with you.
176 Go away, bitch! I have nothing to say to you.
177 Bye.
178 .
179 . Yes, I'm new here.

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