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0 (You examine the wall safe. It looks securely fastened into the wall and has a combination dial on the outside.)
100 You see a safe set securely into the wall. It is closed.
150 You see a safe set securely into the wall. It is open.
200 (There is a little door in the wall. A very, very small perhsun must live inside! There is a doorknob with numbers on it in the middle of the door.)
220 (There is a KER-KLANK, and the safe opens.)
230 (Close inspection reveals a small cube of plastic explosive set into the wall just beneath the safe, primed to go off if the user enters the wrong combination. It was covered with a thin layer of plaster to disguise it.)
240 (You turn the dial slowly for several minutes, but you can't make out anything.)
250 (You don't find any traps on the safe.)
260 (You are turning the knob...when suddenly there is a KER-KLANK, and the door opens!)
270 (You turn the knob, but the tiny door won't open!)
290 (You don't hear anybody, and you can't see a doorbell. Maybe nobody's home.)
300 (With surgical precision, you disarm the fuse and pull the plastic explosive from the wall. The trap is now disarmed.)
310 (With surgical precision, you open the primer and adjust the tumbler combination trigger. The owner of this safe will be in for a surprise when he tries to open it again.), Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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