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150 You see an ugly, rust-covered slot machine.
151 You see one ugly-looking slot machine. It is covered with rust and is dented in several places, as if struck repeatedly by a heavy object.
200 *Hey there, youngst�::cough:: ::cough:: ::wheeze:: �come�::hack::�play me fer a second.*
201 *Hello thar, youngst- ::cough:: ::cough::*
202 *Hey there, young feller- ::cough:: ::hack:: ::wheeze:: �why�::hack::�doncha come place a bet?*
203 *Rattle*
204 *Clink*
205 *Thwunk*
206 *Ker-chunka-chunka*
207 *Zzzztttt*
208 *Ka-dink-thunk-snap*
209 *Ka-chuuuunk-snap-creeeeeak*
210 *Clunk*
211 *Tink-tinkety-tink*
212 *Silly sound effect*
213 *Hey there, beaut�::cough:: ::cough:: ::wheeze:: �come�::hack::�play me fer a second.*
214 *Hello thar, beauti- ::cough:: ::cough:: Dammit!*
215 *Put in a chip, pull my arm. Ah'll be nice to you. Heh-heh.*
216 *Well ain't you a pretty lil' -- ::cough:: ::hack:: ::wheeze:: Why�::hack::�doncha come play me?*
230 You see a strange dull metal box with three eyes and one arm.
235 The strange dull metal box with three eyes and one arm does not answer.
240 You grab its arm and shake it warmly. As you do, there is a sharp rattling sound!
245 (You see a slot machine. It is perhaps the ugliest slot machine you have seen in New Reno. Its handle is bent, two of its windows are broken, and there are dents all over it.)
246 Your hand quivers as you reach for your chips. (The machine continues to whisper at you in its gravely voice.) *Come on, now�::cough::�that's it�*
250 There is a ear-numbing rattling noise as the chambers spin, and�
251 NOTHING! (The machine chuckles dryly.) *Better luck next time, youngst -- ::cough:: ::cough:: ::wheeze::
255 (The machine continues to whisper at you.) *Try again, youngster�once more for - ::cough:: ::hack:: - luck's sake.*
260 Eventually, the tumblers rattle to a stop to reveal�
261 (The machine chuckles warmly.) *That's it, youngster. I knew you cou� ::cough:: ::cough:: �do it.*
265 (The machine laughs.) *That's it, whippersnapper! I knew I still had some� ::wheeze:: �moxy left! Heh-heh!*
270 (Before you is perhaps the ugliest slot machine you have ever seen. As you stare at its ugliness in morbid fascination, suddenly a gravelly male voice whispers from the coin slot.) *Ain't seen a youngster like you around before - ::cough:: ::cough:: You looking� ::hack:: ::wheeze::� ta take a chance?*
275 *I'm still here, youngster,* the slot machine rattles. *Look, come on now�y'wanta place a bet? I ain't long fer this world.*
280 *I'm the oldest one-armed bandit in Reno. I been around damn near�::cough:: ::cough::�well, damn near forever. Starting ta show, ah'm sorry ta say. Look, you gonna bet or am I just gonna sit here n' rust?*
285 ::Cough:: ::Cough:: *Ain't got TIME ta shoot the shit with you, youngster. And you sure as hell must have more 'portant things ta do than chat with me, eh? Somethin' on yer mind?*
295 *Easy there, youngster. Stop them raindrops right now. Everythin's gon be all right, y'hear? I'm lookin' out fer you, 'kay?*
300 *Hey now, c'mon, enough of that. Take a walk, clear yer head�::cough::�help you relax. You think yer gonna be allright, youngster?*
301 I'll be all rite�thasnk fer talkin' with me, oul slot macheen
305 *Pah! No thanks needed, [X]. Now, you go out there an' give 'em HELL. Yer the only hero we got in this two-bit world of bastards an' thieves� ::cough:: ::wheeze:: ::cough::�so you be careful, hear?*
306 Shurr will -- you toooo, okayyy?
310 (As you pull the bent handle, you think you hear the machine give a relieved sigh, followed by a long silence. Just when you are about to give up on it, you hear something rattling from deep within the machine. A few seconds later, the rattling grows to a deafening roar as coins start piling out in an avalanche!) JACKPOT!
311 Collect winnings!
315 (This machine looks like it has finally given up the ghost. It looks as if paying off the jackpot was its death rattle. You can't help but feel a little sorry for it.)
320 This machine is ancient. It is a miracle it's still working.
321 You cannot work on the machine while the old man is playing it.
322 This machine is beyond repair.
323 There is nothing more that you can do with this machine.
324 This machine is ancient. It is a miracle it's still working. You tinker with it for a bit until you hear a terrible grinding noise. You suddenly decide to leave it be.
325 This machine is ancient. It is a miracle it's still working. You tinker with it for a bit, but you can't seem to fix it.

But in the end it's only a passing thing, this shadow; even darkness must pass.

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